E-Liquid Cigarettes

If we were to make a lexicon of the vape, with the letter S, you would inevitably find this term steep as it is used in the world of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

We are going to see what it is precisely, what it is for and how to steep your favourite e liquids! 

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Today, almost all electronic mods or electronic boxes – whether with built-in battery or not – are equipped with temperature control. Unfortunately, their use remains a mystery to many vapers. If you are new to vaping, find out how to use this model for a smooth and healthy vape.

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The secrets of a durable, reliable and efficient electronic cigarette can be summed up in one word: maintenance. Regularly cleaning your vape device has a magical effect on your vaping: it lasts longer and tastes better.

You should also know that all the little problems you may encounter with your vape are very easy to solve. Repairing an electronic cigarette does not require any particular expertise, but only your sense of observation.

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All the symptoms related to untimely leaks of E-liquids

This unpleasant sensation of E-Liquid dripping on the fingers and the clothes, we know very well. We also know how frustrating it can be when you start smoking cessation, a period during which you have everything but need to be upset.

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What is an e-cig kit pod? Nicovip explains to you what an electronic cigarette pod is, how it works and its interest compared to a clearomizer. We have also prepared the list of the best pods for vaping in 2021! Using Wpod, Juul Pods, Wpuff, Vinci Voopoo pod kit, Wenax Stylus Geek Vape kit… We tell you everything!

What is an electronic cigarette pod?

A pod is the element of a very particular electronic cigarette, which can be called a new generation. The design pods or pod mods are quite recent, but have changed the approach of manufacturers of vape equipment! This was particularly the case with the release of the Wood, an e-cig pod which does not have a clearomiser strictly speaking but a pod, which performs the same function. We are talking here about storing the e-liquid in a tank, where there is a resistance which will heat the vape juice and transform it into an aerosol (steam), which you inhale through the tip of the pod, the drip trip. The pods are easy to use and suitable for beginner vapers, even if their use has evolved since their creation. There are disposable pod cartridges (Wood, Juul, Wpuff), pods with integrated resistance and pods where you can change the resistance of e-cigarettes. Nicovip fr sells all this and even tools for your vape equipment.

What is an e-cigarette pod made of?

A pod contains the following elements:

  • a reservoir (tank with a capacity expressed in ml, usually plastic)
  • a resistance (resistance with a value expressed in ohms)
  • a drip tip (removable or fixed drip tip)
  • an adjustment system for the airflow (not on all ecig pod models)
  • a connection system to the pod mod (clips or magnetic connection)

Some pod-type electronic cigarettes are sold with a disposable pod filled with e-liquid, which is discarded once empty. Other pod e-cigs have a refillable pod that is disposable when the coil wears out. Other pods operate similarly to a classic clearomizer or are hybrids thanks to a 510 connection. The advantage of a pod is that it clips onto the battery of the electronic cigarette, which makes it simple to set up. Many pod-style e-cigarettes are suitable for CBD vaping or nicotine salt e-liquid. But we will come back to that!

What is a disposable pod cartridge filled with e-liquid?

As mentioned, there are disposable pod cartridges for the vape which already contain e-liquid. This is the case of an emblematic pod electronic cigarette model: the W Pod, which strongly resembles the Juul Pods cigarette. Moreover, a little tip if you bought the CE Juul, know that the pod cartridges of the ecig Wpod Liquideo are equivalent to the Juul Pods. If you are looking for a Juul refill, you can buy a Wpod cartridge. If you compare the Juul price and the Wpod price, you will quickly realize that by buying Wpod products instead of Juul Pods, great savings await you!

Stop smoking with an electronic cigarette pod with e-liquid refills

Why buy a pod cartridge filled with e-liquid? For its ease of use! Once the pod cartridge is empty (when there is no more liquid in it), you unclip it from the battery (pod mod) and put another one in. Hey, it’s as simple as that! No change of resistance, no clearomiser to fill with vape juice… A pod cartridge filled with e-liquid is the simplest system for vaping. Your vaping session will be guaranteed hassle-free! For smokers who want to stop smoking tobacco but who do not see themselves changing the resistance of their electronic cigarette or even filling the clearomiser with e-liquid, this is the best way to quit smoking. Especially since the disposable pod cartridge for the Ecig Wpod (or CE Juul) is filled with e-liquid nicotine salts, that is to say, ane-liquid specially designed for former very heavy smokers. With this system of ecig pod Juul or Wpod, aspire, you will have your dose of nicotine with an almost immediate effect thanks to the action of nicotine salts. No button, no adjustment, everything is simple, intuitive, ashless, tobacco smell-less and with a range of Wpod e-liquid flavours that make you dream! Considering the price of a pack of cigarettes, especially since the price of tobacco is only increasing, it is much more economical to switch to vaping with a pod electronic cigarette system. As a smoking cessation tool, this type of product will be of great help to you!

What e-liquid to use with a pod electronic cigarette?

Which ecig pod kit for e-liquid nicotine salts?

If you don’t want to take the headache and your goal is to quit smoking, quit smoking with the Juul-compatible Wpod pod cartridges that are filled with nicotine salts! For heavy smokers, nicotine salts work wonders because they immediately calm the feeling of lack of nicotine while being soft in the throat. No hit that gives you a sore throat and makes you cough with Nicotine Salts E-Liquid! An alternative to the Wpod / Juul is an entire disposable pod: the Wpuff pod by Liquido. We detail how it works below, but basically, you have about 800 puffs in a Wpuff disposable pod. When your Wpuff Liquideo pod is empty, throw it away! If you want a pod model with a pod mod without a disposable pod cartridge, the choice is yours! A large number of e-cig pod kits are available on Nicovip, an online electronic cigarette store in France. What you must remember is that to vape liquid nicotine salts, you must buy an e-cigarette with resistances of 0.8-ohm minimum (ideally more than 1 ohm) and that you must not vape at more than 20W. That’s all!

What is the best pod for e-cigarettes?

Ecig Wpod (Juul equivalent)

The Wpod pod cartridge of the Ecig Wpod is identical to the Juul pod refill. If you have a Juul cigarette, Wpod pods are compatible with your Juul. You can therefore replace Juul Pods with Wood pod cartridges since they are Juul-compatible pods! These Wpod / Juul pod cartridges have a 1ml reservoir filled with e-liquid with nicotine salts in 9mg /ml or 18mg/ml. In our online electronic cigarette store, we offer a wide choice of 4 pod packs W Wpod compatible Juul. Red fruits or Mystyk for lovers of fruit flavours, Glacial Mint and Kiss Full for vapers who want a fresh effect in the mouth and who like the menthol aroma, Druginbus for gourmets addicted to sweets… And for smokers who want to find the tobacco taste during their vape session, there are the Jolie Blonde Wpod disposable pods (classic blond, which is similar to a blond tobacco flavour cigarette) and the M Wpod pods (classic brown, which is similar to a cigarette dark tobacco taste). The Wpod (or CE Juul) cigarette does not need to be adjusted, it recharges very quickly and you just have to clip a new pod e-liquid cartridge when the previous one is empty! 

Pod Wenax Stylus Geek Vape

Do you want to go to the next step, namely having a pod that can be filled with the e-liquid of your choice and works with resistances that can be changed? Here is the Wenax Stylus Geekvape pod kit, a cheap and very easy-to-use mini e-cig pod, which allows you to vape in DL or MTL according to your desires. Its battery has an autonomy of 1100 mAh and charges very quickly. We validate!

Kit Pod Vinci Voopoo

When we talk about pod electronic cigarettes, we can’t leave Voopoo aside! This vape equipment manufacturer has innovated with a pod system compatible with several models of e-cig kits. Voopoo box mods combine performance and design, all with several models that are suitable for both beginners and expert vapers. The best Voopoo pod to quit smoking is the Vinci Voopoo, an inexpensive e-cigarette with a built-in 1500 mAh battery and a large selection of PnP coils(a cheap PnP resistance pack for sale on our site). The Voopoo pod is large with its 5.5 ml reservoir of liquid, enough to last for hours without having to refill it! Did you know that Voopoo has released a product that is between the pod and the clearomiser: the PnP Pod Tank Voopoo Clearomiser! This pod is on a base with a 510 connection to be installed on any box mod with a 510 connection that you have! No need for tools, just screw this clearomizer on the battery.

Pod Wpuff

Liquideo has decided to make it even simpler than a Juul or Wpod cigarette: a disposable pod with an integrated battery. You vape and once the reservoir of 2ml Nicotine Salts E-Liquid is empty you throw it away. Many flavours are available with two nicotine strengths to choose from 9 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml. Red Fruits, Fresh Mint, Lemon Peach, Frozen Orange… The choice is yours! The Wpuff disposable pod system is simple to use and economical compared to a cigarette pack. Its only fault: not being very green!

Do you have your electronic cigarette leaking? Do not panic! Whether it is a leak at the level of the clearomiser or a rise of e-liquid in the mouth, there is necessarily an explanation for this problem. First, clean your vape to avoid stains and any accidental absorption of nicotine, then read this article!

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The clearomiser or the atomiser of an e-cigarette is an essential element in the operation of your vaping. Indeed, it is thanks to this small piece that you will be able to determine your favourite style of vaping, the production of vapour and let’s not forget the most important, the transmission of flavours in the mouth. But the problem is that there are several types of e-cigarette atomizers.

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