E-Liquid Cigarettes

If we were to make a lexicon of the vape, with the letter S, you would inevitably find this term steep as it is used in the world of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

We are going to see what it is precisely, what it is for and how to steep your favourite e liquids! 

What does the term “steep” mean?

It is neither more nor less than the time necessary for the e-liquid to see all the flavours develop optimally. We are talking here about the aromatic opening.

We find the same principle in the world of wine, where winemakers let their future beverages improve over time. 

In the vape, it’s the same thing! We will let our e-liquids improve by letting them rest, which will give us juices with the best taste results!

How to steep your e-liquid?

An essential step in the creation of a DIY e-liquid, let’s now look at the method to make and succeed in its steep.

The DIY is therefore a process where you make your e-liquid yourself. 

The method of creating a DIY is well known: you take an empty vial, you pour your concentrate or favourite flavour into it, and then you add the neutral base (with the ratio PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) of your choice), all while respecting the dosage recommended in percentage by the manufacturer of the concentrate or aroma of course!

And finally, you add or not (depending on your rate) your nicotine via nicotine boosters. All you have to do is close your vial tightly.

Once this mixture is carefully made (don’t forget to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) such as a blouse, gloves and protective glasses), you will turn into a bartender and shake everything vigorously, like a cocktail shaker!

And this is where the steep (or maturation ) will begin! You will have to protect your e-liquid from two things that can affect the smooth running of this famous steep: air and direct sunlight.

First of all looks. It will be necessary to ensure that your DIYs are in well-sealed containers because, in contact with air, the aromas can be altered.

Then sunlight. The sun’s UV (ultra-violet) rays are not the friend of our recipes… They can deteriorate the flavours but also participate in the oxidation of the nicotine present in the juices.

It will therefore be necessary to put our vials in a clean, dry place away from light (a cupboard, a drawer, it’s up to you).

How long for a good steep?

The question that comes up often, and whose answer will depend on the type of liquid prepared.

In general, we say that we must:

* minimum 48 hours for fruity and mentholated (one week ideally)

* minimum 2 weeks for tobacco (“  classic  ”)

* minimum 3 weeks or even 1 month for gourmets

The more complex the recipe, the longer it will take to mature, and the time for all the aroma molecules to do their job quietly.

And the longer the steep, the better your liquid will be. Patience will always pay off.

Good preparation!