E-Liquid Cigarettes

The Vape can sometimes seem a bit complex, especially when we talk about the type of Vape! For some it’s downright gibberish, between Subohm and MTL, there’s enough to lose your head.

The Mouth To Lung vape

When you start in the world of vaping, you naturally turn to all-in-one kits. With this kind of model you rarely choose the type of vape, the models are very easy to use and often compact. Everything is provided to take your first steps serenely. In general, these Kits favour the Mouth To Lung vape. This type of vape allows you to vape indirectly, that is to say, that the vapour remains in the mouth, before heading towards the lungs. The MTL mode is the most used by former smokers because it is very close to the sensation of a classic cigarette.

The flavour is privileged, the rendering of vapour is not your concern when you opt for this type of model. It is also quite normal to choose this model since we are initially looking for sensations close to the classic cigarette.

The main disadvantages lie rather in the fragility and the little possibility of making adjustments. In the beginning, it is better to tame the vape, the flavours, and the rendering but also, to get used to vaping because vaping is not smoking. So over time, you will probably feel the desire to discover other vaping sensations and to orient yourself to more complex kits offering settings.

On the way to the vape in Subohm

When you are a little more knowledgeable about vaping, you can choose to vape in Sub Ohm. Even if this mode of vaping is also accessible to beginners, we advise against it from the start. Subohm vaping is the action of vaping with an electronic cigarette, with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm, coupled with a powerful battery.

If you are looking for steam, you will be served this is the ideal mode of vaping. For more security we advise you to use an electro mod rather than a mechanical mod, it will provide a limit to the value of the resistance.

This mode offers higher sensations of vaping, the hit is much more pronounced, it is for this reason that you will not be able to vape high levels of nicotine. Indeed, the vapour being hotter, it is closer to the sensation of a cigarette but you will also have to choose E-liquids with higher ratios of vegetable glycerin. Finally, be aware that with this mode of vaping, the consumption of E-liquid is greater since the power is higher.

Note that you need to find out because the vape in Sub Ohm can be dangerous if you do not respect the safety rules, it can present dangers, especially in terms of degassing. It is important to inform yourself beforehand, it is for this reason that we do not recommend it to beginners.

Happy vaping everyone!