E-Liquid Cigarettes

The resistance of your electronic cigarette must be in perfect working order to make the most of a quality vape. The resistance is an accessory that must be changed regularly. But when should it be replaced and how to choose it? About its value, the battery of your e-cig, its compatibility… In 4 questions, make the best choice in the resistance of your electronic cigarette!

How does resistance work?

In the form of a small cylinder to screw, it is located in the reservoir of the electronic cigarette: the clearomizer. It works in the same way as any resistor for any other material: it consists of a filament, a wick of fibre or cotton around which is wound a resistive wire which heats up as the current passes. In the case of an e-cig, its purpose is to evaporate the e-liquid by heating and producing steam. By restoring the flavours of the e-liquid, you will enjoy the ”  throat hit  ” sensation. Well-chosen and adapted to your electronic cigarette, a good resistance will allow you to know the right vape “the sweet spot “!

When to change the resistance of your e-cig?

The resistance of an e-cig is a consumable which has a limited lifespan and which must therefore be changed regularly. When we talk about lifespan, it will always depend on the type of resistance used, its use and the power of your electronic cigarette. You will have understood that the more you vape, the more the resistance will be used and will therefore last less time. If we have to give a lifetime to the resistance of an electronic cigarette, we can say that on average it lasts between 2 to 3 weeks but it depends on the use.

There are 2 elements composing the resistance which have a limited lifespan: the cotton and the filament. Several sensations will direct you to the option of replacing the resistance:

*  The power is reduced: you no longer have the same sensations as the first use, it is the filament that no longer heats sufficiently. It’s time to change the resistance

*  A burnt taste in the mouth: a very unpleasant DRY HEY, it’s the cotton that no longer soaks up enough. Do not wait to change the resistance.

Which resistance value to choose?

There are several types, technologies and values ​​of resistors. The value of an e-cig resistor is expressed in  Ohms. The lower the Ohm value, the more powerful your cigarette will be. In summary, the value of the resistance affects the power and the volume of the vapour, the sensations of the flavours and the temperature of the vapour (HIT).

Choosing the right resistance value is essential because it has a direct impact on the power of your electronic cigarette, either on the HIT (scratching sensation in the throat during the passage of steam) or the production of steam. Simply put, the more HIT you have, the greater the vapour production.

According to Ohm’s law, the power of your e-cig is equal to the square of the battery voltage divided by the resistance.

If you are looking for strong power, significant HIT sensations and good vapour production, take the lowest compatible resistance. On the other hand, if you want a less aggressive vape because you cough on suction, choose a higher resistance.

If you can adjust the power on your electronic cigarette then the choice of the power value in the purchase of your resistance is not important. Whatever its value, you can manage the power by increasing or decreasing it knowing that you will have different ranges of values ​​depending on the resistance chosen.

Choose the value of the resistor about the battery

As said above, it is necessary to adapt the value of the resistance to the voltage of the battery. Indeed, if the current passing through the resistance is not strong enough, the volume of vapour will be low so your e-liquid will not unfold all its flavours. On the other hand, if it is too strong, the taste of the vape will be unbearable and will generate harmful substances due to the strong combustion of the filament.

For example :

* For a traditional battery with or without variable voltage, recommend resistors of 1.5 to 2.5 Ohms.

* In indirect inhaling vaping, for a mod or electronic box, choose coils up to 1.8 ohms (max power 15 watts)

* In sub ohm direct inhaling vaping: get coils from 0.5 to 1 ohm and more power. 

What about resistor compatibility? 

You certainly know the answer, no they are not all compatible because each resistance model is suitable for its type of electronic cigarette. Knowing that several e-cig models will have similar resistance but two different models will not have the same resistance. It is therefore important to be well informed before buying a resistance for your e-cig and to follow the recommendations of the instructions for use of your electronic cigarette.