E-Liquid Cigarettes

A few points should be taken into account before starting to vape with an electronic cigarette. You should know that everyone can have a profile that defines them even before buying the product. With this guide, you will have more precision on the electronic cigarette adapted to your profile. 

The technical side of the product

Certainly, some vapers tend to choose small-size cigarettes that are not too far from regular cigarettes. But, you should know that the current market allows easy access to cigarettes in the form of a “box”. This type of product stands out with its shape, but also in its autonomy. You will no longer have to carry a recharging battery to vape quietly with the autonomy of the product. The new ranges are also easy to refill and don’t take long to fill up.

On the other hand, the choice of atomizer is also decisive, especially for a beginner vaper. To begin with, it is better to choose a model of small size. This makes it easy to tame the equipment. Over time, you might choose a larger clearomizer capable of holding more liquid. In this way, it is easy to produce more vapour while enjoying a better rendering of flavours.

In any case, an electronic cigarette with a box format provides many advantages including power adjustment. You will be entitled to a large range for the adjustment of the product. This guarantees pleasure and comfort with every vape. A priori, it is recommended to determine what you need before buying an electronic cigarette.

The choice of flavours and PG/VG

It is essential to choose the aroma that suits you best for the e-liquid. The best option is to test the product before confirming the choice to avoid unpleasant surprises with the flavour. Indeed, you could be tempted to give up the electronic cigarette if the aroma does not meet your expectations. For more pleasure, do not hesitate to obtain at least two models of e-liquid. The most important thing is not to want to go back to regular cigarettes.

The rate of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is also crucial for each use of an electronic cigarette. If a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 is good for beginners in vaping. It may be more advantageous to choose liquids with 60/40 or 50/50 if you are sensitive to PG. You should know that a high concentration of VG can reduce the sensation of aromas. However, you could make more vapour from the cigarette. This implies that the liquid can reduce the pleasure felt with the cigarette if one opts for more VG.

Also, don’t be quick to think you can’t stand PG if you cough at first. This is completely normal since the body is not yet adapted to the product. Specifically, the lungs are still used to receiving the containers of regular cigarettes. Generally, this urge to cough disappears after 5 to 10 minutes during the first vaping.

Nicotine in liquids

Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to find e-liquids containing nicotine. In addition, everyone can choose the amount of nicotine that suits them. Habits with regular cigarettes should not influence the choice of nicotine in the liquid. Thus, it is recommended to determine the power of nicotine you need before validating the purchase of a bottle of e-liquid. A heavy smoker can perfectly opt for a lower nicotine liquid if that is what suits him. In any case, it is feasible to increase or decrease the rate of this component depending on the situation.

You should know that the amount of nicotine in the liquid is not dangerous to health. Note that the danger of smoking relates to the inhalation of the smoke, not the amount of nicotine. In addition to this, the level of this component does not cause any signs of cancer contrary to what one might imagine. It is good to know that the absence of nicotine in the liquid can greatly encourage you to use tobacco again. Indeed, it is difficult to get used to change when it happens abruptly. Thus, it is strongly recommended to start with liquids containing nicotine even if it is in low doses.

Opt for the cigarette that will make you happy

Generally, vaping is about having fun, but not about e-cigarette addiction. Therefore, it is more interesting to focus on the pleasure you can feel with the equipment while choosing the liquid that suits you.

Pleasure also depends on the amount of nicotine in the liquid. Specifically, do not rush to change the dosage of nicotine in the product. The change is easily done as you use an electronic cigarette. You will feel it on your own as the body can show signs when it needs a change. It is good to know that the nicotine in the liquid does not always cause addiction to the equipment.

For the replacement of the cigarette, attention should be paid to checking the performance of the device. Thus, the body must easily adapt to the new product. This means that you could have a false impression of the cigarette. You could also opt for other types of cigarettes like the dripper which can offer more performance. However, the use of such an atomizer can encourage you to dive back into standard cigarettes.

The pleasure offered by an electronic cigarette depends mainly on the material and the liquid used. Added to this is how you will use the product. Finally, do not hesitate to spend more to vape quietly according to your needs. This allows you to take full advantage of all the advantages of your electronic cigarette.