E-Liquid Cigarettes

You have managed to pass the milestone of the Electronic Cigarette, and we congratulate you, but now the resistances remain a real headache for you. When to change them? How to clean them. Discover all our tips to understand them and use them better.

What is a resistor?

The resistance is an essential part of your Ecig, do not hope to vape without it. It consists of a steel body, with one or more resistive wires, equipped with fibre, usually cotton, to absorb the E-liquid. It is measured in Ohms.

The resistance is the part of your electronic cigarette: instructions for use that is subject to the fastest wear. It is heated via the battery, its composition, its shape, its position varies according to the rendering of the desired vape. There are resistors already mounted and those that you mount yourself (rebuildable).

High or low resistance?

To choose its resistance, you must take into account its value, which is expressed in Ohm. Coils with a value below 1 Ohm are called low coils (Sub-Ohm). They heat up faster and promote the production of vapour. low nicotine (3 mg/ml).

Resistors with a value above 1 Ohm do not need much heating. With them, you can opt for e-liquids higher in nicotine. Note that beyond the choice of e liquids, it is important to use suitable equipment.

How to change its resistance?

Changing the resistance is a relatively simple step. Unscrew your resistor, clean your clearomiser with hot water, to remove all liquid residues, and install the new resistor.

The crucial step that should not be overlooked is the priming of your new resistance. Priming consists of soaking your coil with a few drops of e-liquid and waiting about fifteen minutes for the cotton to soak properly. Igniting the resistance will prevent you from burning it on the first puff.

If you do not prime your resistance, or this step has gone wrong, the resistance is completely charred and you, unfortunately, have to change it.

How long will your resistor last?

It is difficult to precisely determine the lifespan of a resistor, as the models and uses are so different. As a general rule, resistance has a lifespan that varies, from two to three weeks. But do not forget that its maintenance remains the key to its lifespan. Be vigilant about the cleaning, the dosage and the composition of the products used, the way of mounting it…

We advise you to:

  • Carry out an effective start,
  • Allow time for your resistance to soaking up liquid between each puff,
  • Adapt the power of your equipment, the higher the wattages, the faster the resistance wears out,
  • Take a regular look at your tank, a Dry Hit happens very quickly.

Note that E-liquids with a high content of Vegetable Glycerin will clog up your coils more quickly.

When to change resistance?

It can be tricky in the beginning to know when you should change the resistance. We advise you to make an inventory of the whole. If you find yourself in one of the following situations, it may be time for you to change your resistance:

  • If when you turn on your Ecigarette and activate the switch, you hear a hissing sound, and your E-cigarette delivers a tiny amount of vapour,
  • If you need to vacuum longer or vacuuming seems to be more difficult,
  • If you feel a burning taste in your mouth or a flavour different from the expected flavour of your E-liquid, these signs should alert you.

Where can I throw my used resistors?

Regarding the recycling of resistors, it’s quite simple, is generally made of steel, a resistant or must be dismantled before being thrown in the garbage. All metal parts can be recycled.

The marks of resistance

Eleaf electronic cigarette resistors are very reliable and offer several impedances. Vaping with good coils is essential!

In the meantime, good vape to all!