E-Liquid Cigarettes

Regularly cleaning your electronic cigarette not only improves your hygiene but also extends the life of your equipment. Like any high-tech product, your electronic cigarette is lying around everywhere, in your pockets, in your bag… We are going to give you some advice allowing you to take good care of your electronic cigarette and incidentally extend its lifespan.

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The hit or throat hit comes from English which can be translated as “felt in the throat”.

It refers to the hook in the throat, the sensation that a smoker can feel when the smoke passes through the throat or a vaper when inhaling steam.

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Recently arrived in the world of vaping, nicotine salt is presented as a revolution. But is there a real difference between the nicotine we find in normal e-liquids and nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves naturally.

The nicotine that we can find in standard e-liquids is purified nicotine. Several chemical treatments are applied to it to purify it. After this process, we obtain nicotine base, which is present in all nicotine substitutes (patches, chewing gums and e-liquids). This nicotine has a basic PH of 8 while natural nicotine has an acid PH (between 5 and 6). This basic PH discourages some smokers from quitting smoking: they do not find the same sensations as with a traditional cigarette, the sensation in the throat is different (lighter hit).

We must add certain acids to the base nicotine which will allow us to extract the nicotine salts. These salts reproduce sensations similar to traditional blond cigarettes.

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The vape is no longer its first innovation and it is increasingly easy to find the shoe that fits. For several years, the world of vaping has been snapping up PODS, all-in-one electronic cigarettes, with reduced size. If these mini vapes had aroused some scepticism when they were released, they are now flooding the market.

Why? How? If the PODS correspond so much to our requirements, it is because they have been specially designed to meet our lifestyles. With the expertise demonstrated by market players, offering ergonomic equipment that is easily transportable, easy to use, efficient and offers good autonomy at the same time is no child’s play!

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After careful consideration, you have finally decided and you have chosen the rebuildable atomizer of your dreams. You’ve certainly done the hardest part, but that’s not all. You will still have to brainstorm to determine if you need a single or a double coil! Don’t run away, this hard choice is not that hard to make, especially with a little help!

Some reconstructable only allow the assembly of one coil or two coils. In this case, no question arises and the recommendations given by the manufacturer must be respected. But sometimes atomizers are versatile and accept both assemblies. So what to do?

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Essential consumable for all rebuildable enthusiasts, cotton comes in different forms, each, of course, having its advantages. But before starting, it is interesting to know a little about the history of this faithful companion of vape! In the beginning, many vapers used unbleached carded cotton. The latter, untreated and offering a phenomenal absorption capacity, was originally intended for surgery. But this cotton had a drawback: very delicate handling! Using cotton with very good capillarity is already a good start, but if each assembly becomes an obstacle course, the reconstructable loses much of its appeal…

Consumers, increasingly savvy and demanding, expressed a legitimate desire: to have a simple and effective consumable. After much research and more or less convincing tests, the manufacturers were able to market cotton worthy of the name. From now on, two main categories were going to compete, each with their specificities.

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