E-Liquid Cigarettes

You have surely already noticed that your e-liquid changes colour over time. You have probably even received several bottles of the same e-liquid that did not have the same colour. No panic it’s completely normal!

Flavours that darken liquids

All e-liquids of the same brand do not necessarily have the same colour. This can be explained by the presence of different aromas and additives used in the making of e liquids.

Fruity flavours are generally the lightest, while classic or gourmet flavours tend to have a darker colour. Additives added to e-liquids to enhance their aromas can also affect the colour of the e-liquid.

Also, don’t forget that some e liquids may contain food colourings which will give them a more or less natural colour.

The impact of nicotine dosage

The more an E-Liquid is dosed in nicotine, the darker it will be. E-liquids that do not contain nicotine are generally transparent, while those dosed at 12 or 16mg will tend to have a darker colour, close to brown.

It is therefore quite normal that two bottles of the same e-liquid with different dosages of nicotine do not have the same colour at all.

The environment

The colour of nicotine E Liquids also varies over time: the more nicotine an e-liquid is, the darker it will become over time. It is the environment in which the E-Liquid is stored which will then influence its colour.  Heat, humidity, light and contact with air are all factors that can make a nicotine e-liquid darken faster.

This does not mean that the liquid you have in your hands is expired or altered! These colour variations are perfectly normal and may differ depending on the storage conditions of the e-liquids in our warehouses over the seasons.