E-Liquid Cigarettes

The vape is no longer its first innovation and it is increasingly easy to find the shoe that fits. For several years, the world of vaping has been snapping up PODS, all-in-one electronic cigarettes, with reduced size. If these mini vapes had aroused some scepticism when they were released, they are now flooding the market.

Why? How? If the PODS correspond so much to our requirements, it is because they have been specially designed to meet our lifestyles. With the expertise demonstrated by market players, offering ergonomic equipment that is easily transportable, easy to use, efficient and offers good autonomy at the same time is no child’s play!


While some electronic cigarettes sometimes offer complex settings and operating modes, PODS, on the contrary, are known to be very easy to use. Compact, and easy to maintain, these concentrates of technologies offer a complete set-up, at a low price. An excellent alternative to boxes and mods!

We will therefore often find an integrated battery (which therefore does not require the transport of batteries) and a cartridge which acts as a reservoir and which incorporates resistance.

Among the best pods on the market, there are two main categories, those with a disposable tank that will have to be changed after several uses and those whose only resistors need to be replaced.

On the one hand, we are facing the “Plug and Play” system, which consists of pulling the cartridge, placing a new one and vaping. Quite simply! This is for example the case of the  Minifit Max S pods from Justfog,  Vilter from Aspire, and  Vinci Q from  Voopoo!

On the other hand, we have interchangeable resistors that allow you to adapt your vape according to the proposed resistor values.


It is difficult to compare all the existing pods because each small electronic cigarette has its advantages and each vaper has its preferences.

Depending on everyone’s expectations, it is possible to find your vape thanks to a pod: the offer is considerable, and you will inevitably find the kit that will suit you!

  • Do you vape a lot? You will need a powerful pod mod with good autonomy, which varies around 1500 mAh. The pods of the brands Vaporesso, Voopoo,  Geekvape or  Innokin will suit you perfectly!
  • Do you want to produce as much steam as possible? So it will be necessary to favour a pod with adapted interchangeable resistors like those of Vaporesso, Geekvape,  Justfog or Voopoo.
  • Do you prefer a more discreet pod? Choose the flattest and condensed ones like those from Uwell,  PVRE or Lost Vape.
  • Do you vape nicotine salts? Most of the brands mentioned above will be able to accommodate this type of liquid. It is up to you to choose resistance values ​​greater than 1ohm!

If you are a little lost in the diversity of pods available on the vape market, we advise you to make your choice according to the use you want to make of it. If you assume that your POD will be an everyday set-up, which will follow you everywhere, favour autonomy. If you’re more of a cloud chaser, focus on power!


There are no winners for the best pod 2022 since there is no vape better than another. Each pod is unique and meets specific needs, yours. Power, ergonomics, flavour restitution, steam production, it’s up to you to determine which feature is the most important to you! Some vapers want to have a pod that offers multiple settings, unlike other users who prefer a buttonless electronic cigarette that plays the card of simplicity. So, do not hesitate to test several of them in order to judge for yourself which pod deserves the first place on the podium!