E-Liquid Cigarettes

After careful consideration, you have finally decided and you have chosen the rebuildable atomizer of your dreams. You’ve certainly done the hardest part, but that’s not all. You will still have to brainstorm to determine if you need a single or a double coil! Don’t run away, this hard choice is not that hard to make, especially with a little help!

Some reconstructable only allow the assembly of one coil or two coils. In this case, no question arises and the recommendations given by the manufacturer must be respected. But sometimes atomizers are versatile and accept both assemblies. So what to do?


Mounting a single coil has various advantages. First of all, its installation is greatly facilitated. You only have one coil to attach and manage, which makes stabilizing the coil relatively simple. It is ideal for anyone who wants to try the rebuildable and be sure to achieve it! If you choose a single resistor, you can also benefit from an assembly that consumes less liquid because it operates with relatively low power. And who says low power also means less battery consumption, as well as less heating of the atomizer than with a double coil. Nothing is more unpleasant than burning your lips on a boiling drip tip!

The advantages of a single resistance are not negligible but this will be at the expense of the vapour density. So don’t expect to compete with a locomotive, you would be disappointed. In addition, with a single coil, you will be faced with a slightly longer healing time than on a double coil. But the difference is minimal, we reassure you.

To sum up, if you prefer the flavour, the hit in the throat and you don’t want to swallow litres of your juice, the simple coil is the choice to make!


If you are one of the big cloud lovers, then the double coil will be the wisest choice! But be aware that the design of a double coil requires more attention. You will first need to have two strictly identical resistors: the number of turns must be the same and the value must be equal on the two resistors.

Next comes the installation stage. The positioning of a double coil is a little more complex: we often fight with the legs of the resistors when the time comes to cut them… After a few cold sweats, we always emerge victorious from this test! The worst is behind you. Well, that’s what you thinkā€¦ The coils are fixed, you have to move on to stabilize them. Here, the coils must heat up evenly, from the centre outwards and above all at the same time. Your two resistances must at all costs blush in the same way, otherwise, you will be exposed to a dry hit with one of your two coils!

You have passed the test successfully, you are allowed to place the cotton and put the liquid in it. The revelation! You will be in the presence of very dense vapour and a reduced healing time. Two resistors conduct heat faster than one. But all is not all rosy… this configuration is more energy-intensive in terms of battery but also terms of liquid. Be ready to draw your vial to reload!


We were going to forget one thing: a double coil will generally be lower in ohms than a single coil. To put it simply, if you have two coils which each have a value of 1ohm, the final value after assembly will be around 0.5 ohms. Divide the initial value by two and you will know quite accurately the value of your final assembly. Yes, the reconstructable works the body but also the mind!

The simple coil or the double coil has no more secrets for you. You now have enough knowledge to determine the assembly to favour according to your desires. If you are new to rebuildable, however, we can only encourage you to start with the simple coil… You can try your hand and acquire enough experience before embarking on the double coil or even the triple or quadruple: it exists! Good vape.