E-Liquid Cigarettes

Regularly cleaning your electronic cigarette not only improves your hygiene but also extends the life of your equipment. Like any high-tech product, your electronic cigarette is lying around everywhere, in your pockets, in your bag… We are going to give you some advice allowing you to take good care of your electronic cigarette and incidentally extend its lifespan.

This is probably the easiest and quickest maintenance to perform. Regularly clean the threads of your electronic cigarette, whether on the battery side or the clearomizer. To do this, take a paper towel and pass it gently over the thread. This eliminates all traces of e-liquid or any residue that could interfere with the proper functioning of the e-cig.

Cleaning the clearomiser does not necessarily come to the minds of vapers. However, cleaning with clear water eliminates all traces of residue in the bottom of the tank. Take your clearomiser, having taken care to remove the old resistor and pass it under clear water. Cleaning the clearomiser can also be useful when changing flavours. This removes or partially diminishes the old flavour. Wipe all parts clean with a paper towel. If necessary, let the parts dry for a few hours. Then reassemble everything with a new resistor. Another important tip: never leave out a clearomizer filled with e-liquid. This could leave deposits at the bottom of the clearomiser. 

As the mouthpiece comes to the mouth, regular cleaning is recommended, especially if your e-cigarette is stored in a bag, pocket or the like. Also remember to regularly clean the inside of the mouthpiece using a cotton swab, for example. Indeed, the vaporization of e-liquid can cause the formation of micro-droplets (the phenomenon of condensation). And having liquid in your mouth is never pleasant. In most cases, when e-liquid comes out of the mouthpiece, it is vapour condensation and not e-liquid. If despite thorough cleaning of the mouthpiece, liquid still escapes, this may be due to a worn coil. Go to the guide to replace an electronic cigarette resistance.

The time for cleaning resistors is over. With the first electronic cigarettes of the Ego-C type, it was almost possible to clean the coils. Today, it is no longer possible to clean the coils for a reason: passing the water resistance would damage the cotton so that it would be completely soaked with water. The rendering of flavors would then be totally bland. Another consequence, the cotton could be moved and no longer be in contact with the resistive wire. When a resistor is worn, this resistor should be replaced. Access our catalog of resistors for electronic cigarettes now .