E-Liquid Cigarettes

Do you want to know your consumption, calculate your nicotine level and thus find the quantity of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes? You don’t want to get into complicated calculations and want to get precise answers about your consumption? Then this tool is for you!

The essential tool to calculate your nicotine level and your consumption of electronic cigarette e-liquid:

Difficult to compare traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarette e-liquid in terms of quantity. It is often difficult to find equivalences!

To calculate your nicotine level and the resulting e-liquid consumption: nothing could be simpler! Follow the following steps to know everything about your current nicotine consumption and discover your adapted e-liquid dosage for electronic cigarettes.

Set the number of traditional cigarettes you consume per day (play with the + and -)

Define the dosage of nicotine contained in your pack of cigarettes. If you don’t know it, don’t panic, it is noted on the side of your package and looks like the below.

You will then see different results:

Nicotine (cigarette):  We are talking here about traditional cigarettes.

Total/day: corresponds to the total amount of nicotine included in the set of cigarettes smoked per day.

The margin of error: This means that the nicotine level noted on your packet does not correspond to the amount of nicotine assimilated. There is a 35% higher margin.

Actual assimilated: corresponds to the total amount of nicotine assimilated per day. It is re-evaluated following the margin of error.


Nicotine equivalent: corresponds to the level of nicotine present in the e-liquid that corresponds to you. Please note that when you vape, 40% of your e-liquid is lost in vaporization. Your final nicotine dosage for your e-liquid will correspond to the “Nicotine assimilated” (see below).

Assimilation rate: As explained, the loss rate when vaporizing is 40%. The remaining 60% will be inhaled.

Assimilated Nicotine: This is the nicotine that will be inhaled and not lost when vaporizing. Thanks to this number, you know the most suitable e-liquid dosage. For example: if you smoked 20 cigarettes with a nicotine level per cigarette of 0.6 mg; your assimilated nicotine level is 16.20 mg. The most suitable commercial e-liquid dosage will therefore be 16 mg (note: you can use an e-liquid with a higher dosage and consume less and vice versa. The most important thing is the sensation in the throat).

Nicotine E-Liquid: You can now enter the strength of the e-liquid you are using. This dosage corresponds to the one you find on your e-liquid bottle.

E-Liquid to consume: This corresponds to the quantity in ml of e-liquid that you must consume as much as possible (so as not to exceed your basic consumption).

Most e-liquids are sold in 10 ml bottles and 30 ml bottles for large formats.

Per day: Quantity in ml of e-liquid to consume per day.

Per week: Quantity in ml of e-liquid to consume per week.

Per month: Quantity in ml of e-liquid to consume per month.

Attention: the most important thing when you test the different dosages of e-liquids in the store is the sensation in the throat (Hit). Do not panic if the dosage of the e-liquid you are using seems high. Respect the recommended quantities (it is better to use 2 ml per day of e-liquid in 19.6 mg than 10 ml of 12 mg).

Example: You smoke 20 red Malboro cigarettes per day, i.e. 20 cigarettes at 0.8 mg of nicotine per cigarette.

  • Your daily nicotine consumption is 16 mg
  • Your actual consumption is estimated at 21.60 mg of nicotine
  • The equivalent nicotine present in your e-liquid corresponds to 36 mg
  • You then enter the dosage you are using. Here one would enter 20 mg to get the closest estimate of 19.6 mg.
  • You will therefore have to respect the following consumption:
  • 1.80 ml of e-liquid per day
  • 12.60 ml of e-liquid per week
  • 54ml per month

Don’t worry about inhaling more nicotine while vaping than when you smoke a traditional cigarette. You now know the nicotine level that suits you and especially the amount of e-liquid you are supposed to consume per day, week or month. Thanks to this tool, you will know exactly where you are with your consumption.

Happy vaping everyone!