E-Liquid Cigarettes

The hit or throat hit comes from English which can be translated as “felt in the throat”.

It refers to the hook in the throat, the sensation that a smoker can feel when the smoke passes through the throat or a vaper when inhaling steam.

What is the hit and why?

Very important especially for beginner vapers looking for that sensation that “scratches” the throat like a classic cigarette. The hit accompanies each puff (puff) and manifests itself when the vapour passes through your throat (from the moment you pull the tip of your electronic cigarette). Without it, you will have the unpleasant sensation of stirring air without there being any effect.

When you consume a regular tobacco cigarette, you experience a similar sensation when inhaling the smoke. The effect can even be irritating and can make you cough. The hit is therefore very important to facilitate the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs because you will have similar sensations.

How do you get the hit?

Three factors influence the hit:

  • Nicotine dosage Nicotine tends to increase the hit. The higher the nicotine level, the stronger the hit will be. Choose your dosage according to your traditional cigarette consumption. The principle of electronic cigarettes is to gradually free yourself from this addiction to nicotine by reducing the dosage, but be careful not to skip the steps.
  • The power, many electronic cigarette models offer batteries with different settings to allow a comfortable and customizable vape. The higher the power, the more the hit will be sustained. It is also for this reason that we advise you reducing your nicotine level if you vape at high powers. It will be necessary to respect the power range of use recommended by the manufacturer for the resistance you are using.
  • The level of Propylene Glycol (PG), the key ingredient in the composition of your liquids for electronic cigarettes. The PG is known to carry the flavours but it also promotes the hit. Thus, the more your liquid will be rich in PG, the more the hit can be important. If, on the contrary, you prefer an aerial vape and dense clouds of vapour, prefer e-liquids with a high level of vegetable glycerin (VG).

Which material to choose to increase the hit?

There are two possibilities to increase the hit of your vape:

You can opt for material with a tight draw (MTL) It can be compared to the feeling of drawing when drinking through a straw. This way of vaping also allows you to use liquids with high nicotine content. Inhaling in MTL allows you to find almost the same draw sensations as with a classic cigarette.

The advantages of MTL:

  • a rendering closer to the cigarette and therefore ideal for beginners
  • does not require a lot of power
  • can be used with inexpensive e-cigarettes
  • less greedy in e-liquid and therefore more economical
  • use of e-liquids with nicotine salts

Hit and nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are often recommended for vapers who have sensitive throats that get irritated with vaping. They are softer and more easily absorbed. There are several benefits to nicotine salts.

  • They allow faster absorption of nicotine by the body than a traditional nicotine e-liquid.
  • The feeling of nicotine satiety is immediate. This allows you to avoid over-consumption of your e-liquid before feeling the effects of nicotine.
  • They offer a smoother hit if you compare them to traditional e-liquids with the same rate.

How to lower the hit and its nicotine level?

If the hit is important for some people, others have a hard time supporting it!

Choose an e-cig with an aerial inhalation (DL / direct) this allows you to lower your dose of nicotine to keep a powerful hit while continuing your withdrawal. DL clearomizers are mostly equipped with sub-ohm resistors (less than 1 ohm) which heat up much more. The very hot vapour accentuates the feeling of the throat hit of nicotine, propylene glycol and even, the icing on the cake, aromas!

You can reduce the power of your e-cig, the felt hit will be slightly reduced.

You can also try to find an e-liquid richer in vegetable glycerin (VG), which produces more vapour and a smoother throat sensation.

Finally, you can lower your nicotine levels. But if you still need a strong dose, nicotine salts will surely be the best solution!

Softer in the throat, nicotine salts keep the nicotine level high but with a particularly soft hit.

It is thanks to this that the magic of the hit operates even with small doses of nicotine.

To no longer feel the hit, start by gradually reducing your nicotine level and favouring the flavours of your e-liquid!

How to have a good hit without nicotine?

For vapers who want to continue to feel the hit in the throat but without having to consume nicotine, here are some tips.

  • Use menthol e-liquids
  • Increase the propylene glycol dosage of your e-liquids
  • Increase the voltage and wattage of your electronic cigarette
  • Adopt an ecig with an air draw

Hope this blog has enlightened you.