E-Liquid Cigarettes

We all know the dangers of tobacco on health. On cigarette packets, you can clearly read warning messages such as “Smoking seriously harms your health and that of those around you”.

The advent of e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes is a real revolution. This new way of smoking allows tobacco addicts to get rid of it and not suffer the harmful consequences.

First, you will not find the trace of the 4000 toxic or carcinogenic substances in the smoke of an electronic cigarette. There is no combustion of tobacco, therefore, there is neither acetone nor ammonia. There is not the slightest trace of tar, nor carbon monoxide, nor nitrosamines. Whereas in a real cigarette you have for example 10mg of tar and 10mg of carbon monoxide per cigarette.

The cloud of vapor escaping from the “vaper” looks exactly the same as the toxic smoke from ordinary cigarettes. In this way, electronic cigarettes can be consumed in non-smoking areas because they pose no risk to those around them. With e-cigarettes, we are no longer talking about passive smokers!

Here is yet another point that differentiates the ordinary cigarette from the e-cigarette. Regular cigarettes sometimes leave yellowish stains on the fingertips of heavy smokers. E-cigarettes are also 100% more ecological, and 100% less polluting. Unlike normal cigarettes, with e-cigarettes there are no ashes or cigarette butts, you don’t need that stinky ashtray on your bedside table!

According to studies conducted in 2010 by Professor Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health, after 6 months of using electronic cigarettes, ex-smokers have become completely abstinent from tobacco.

With electronic cigarettes, the taste, the pleasure, the hand-to-mouth movement ritual of the cigarette are preserved and you are not likely to miss it, and all that, without the nuisances of tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly less dangerous to health than regular cigarettes.