E-Liquid Cigarettes

An essential element for the operation of your electronic cigarette, the resistance is the equipment allowing it to heat the e-liquid present in your tank daily. Composed of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, the liquid of your electronic cigarette requires 60% heating to turn into smoke, it is the primary role of the resistance to bring it to this transformative point.

Because of its function, you guessed it, the resistance of your electronic cigarette gradually wears out with each use, making frequent changing an obligation. As a result, and particularly when you are new to the art of vaping, you may wonder how much a cigarette coil costs and how this cost will impact your vaping budget, or how to reduce it without lowering the quality of your experience?

We answer for you this question whose final answer has many variables.

Cost of an electronic cigarette battery: a price depending on several factors

Like electronic cigarettes, resistances are adorned with a range of models and prices inherent in significant disparities. This is primarily due to the lack of standardization in the electronic cigarette coil market. As a result, the offer proposed to your selection consists of a multitude of resistors with different components and powers, all very often in several identical copies but under several different brands.

Unfortunately and not all of them are compatible with your model of electronic cigarette…

For all these reasons and to save money, the first advice we can give you is to buy your new battery from the same manufacturer that sells your electronic cigarette. But this is hardly the only element to take into account…

Cost of an electronic cigarette coil: what are the factors influencing the price?

Many factors can be taken into account in the price of an electronic cigarette coil. This is the case of its components, the power it offers, its size and finally the number of turns that it can offer you.

Be aware that a small coil with low power and a tight draw will be cheaper than other models. However, it will only be suitable for vapers who are fond of indirect inhalation. If you are looking for a denser and more airy smoke, perfect for direct inhaling, you will need to favour a more voluminous coil.

The same goes for the number of turns you need to select. In case you are not familiar with this term, the number of coils has an impact on the creation of the smoke created by your electronic cigarette. If you want a tight draw, a single turn will be sufficient. Conversely, and if you are a lover of dense smoke, you will need several coils for an optimal vaping experience.

Cost of an electronic cigarette coil: how can you save money?

Even if a vast majority of vapers will tell you that the cost of an electronic cigarette coil is low despite its need for frequent change, it is possible to save money by opting for a rebuildable coil. 

More than offering you significant long-term savings, rebuildable coils bring the possibility of greater personalization of your vaping experience. Nevertheless requiring a good knowledge of the electronic cigarette and its components, we recommend it in the first place to informed users.