E-Liquid Cigarettes

Do not panic! Find in our article the different reasons and the manipulations to be carried out if your electronic cigarette battery is acting up.

My e-cigarette battery flashes and cuts out?

This means that you have used your electronic cigarette too much in a short time.

Generally, your e-cigarette is programmed to cut the battery if the suction lasts more than 10 seconds or if the suction frequency is too high for 10 seconds.

Wait about ten seconds before you can use your vape again.

My e-cigarette battery works but not my atomizer?

  • Certainly that the wick of your atomizer is badly screwed.
  • This may be due to an atomizer that you use very little and is flooded with liquid. It will have to be disassembled and cleaned with water then dried with the wick before reassembly.
  • There is no longer any contact between the atomizer and the battery. Just clean the battery thread and atomizer and let it dry.

My battery discharges quickly or no longer charge?

  • Do the test with another electronic cigarette battery. If it does not hold a charge for a long time or still does not charge, then the problem is surely due to the defective charger.
  • Test with another charger. If the charger works with another battery, it is, therefore, the battery that no longer charges. So clean the thread that is dirty with a little alcohol and let it dry before re-testing.
  • The battery is at the end of its life (about 300 charges).
  • The battery is brand new and needs to be recharged several times to provide optimal performance.

My electronic cigarette battery no longer lights up?

For manual battery, press the button several times and for automatic battery, vacuum several times.

Normally the electronic cigarette battery is primed and starts working again.

My vape battery goes out on the first press and flashes quickly?

  • Your battery must be discharged, just plug it into its charger.
  • If your battery is charged and it turns off on the first press of the button and flashes, your clearomiser is short-circuiting it.

In this case, either your clearomiser is clamped too tightly to the battery, or the resistor is defective. Try connecting the battery to its charger for a few minutes to reset it and redo the test by loosening the clearomiser a quarter turn. If there is still a short circuit, the resistor will need to be replaced.