E-Liquid Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette enthusiasts often ask themselves the question: what is the lifespan of a coil, how long does it work, and after how long should it be changed? Present in the clearomiser, the resistance of your e-cigarette is of course the heart of its operation. A true essential element of the tank, it is she who is responsible for the vaporization of the e-liquid and which allows vaping. To ensure the proper functioning of your vape, however, you must remember to change it regularly, when it starts to wear out or when you want to change the aroma.

So how do you know if the resistance of your electronic cigarette is used and obsolete?

How to find the best resistance to electronic cigarettes?

The answer to this question is not complete and depends on several factors. We will try to guide you on the subject.

What is a resistor made of?

Pre-made resistors are the most commonly used. These resistances are composed of a steel resistive and a wick soaked in liquid, generally made of cotton. This bit tends to wear out quickly. This is why it is important to change your equipment regularly.

Warning signs telling you to change your resistance

You must pay attention to multiple elements, such as the taste of the e-liquid or resistance that turns black, to know when you should change the resistance of your e-cigarette.

1- The taste of e-liquid

The first sign telling you that your resistance is starting to wear out is the taste of the e-liquid. When you start to feel a loss of the original flavour, that the taste is no longer the same as before when you vape, this must call out to you. Pay attention to any changes in taste. Accustomed to an aroma, you should be able to smell the difference.

It is for this same reason that we also advise you to change your resistance if you wish to switch to a new aroma. You will be able to take full advantage of your new aroma, without being parasitized by the scents of the old one.

2- A resistor that turns black

When you vape regularly, like the filter of your cigarette when you smoke, the resistance gradually degrades and begins to turn black.

When it changes colour and a deposit slips on it, it’s time for you to think about changing it. So keep an eye on the state of your resistance, even if sometimes the deposit is only slightly visible.

Why is it not enough to clean its resistance?

Many vapers try to regularly maintain their electronic equipment. But cleaning its resistance is not the best solution. The cotton tends to deform and the flavours gradually lose their taste. Cleaning its resistance is therefore not enough. However, you can rinse your tank from time to time, when changing your resistance in particular. You will then be able to better feel your new flavours while giving a little new look to your equipment.

How long does resistance usually last?

There is no standard regarding the lifespan of an electronic cigarette coil. The lifetime of a resistor is indeed very variable. It depends first of all on your type of clearomiser, each one has a recommended number of vapes. So check your clearomiser and its usage sheet.

But other factors can also intervene, the lifespan of resistance can indeed vary according to your number of vapes per day, your requirements in terms of flavour, the maintenance conditions of your e-cigarette, and if you keep your equipment away from heat, etc. For regular vapers, it is advisable to change it every 2 weeks to a month.

But, it depends on your daily consumption. It’s up to you to find out about the resistors and clearomisers and to analyze the advice according to your consumption. For big taste lovers, a regular change can only satisfy you more.

How to find the best resistance to an electronic cigarette?

The best resistance for an electronic cigarette will be the one that will be adapted to your e-liquid.

The ideal is to use an e liquid adapted to your use, which will allow your coils a beautiful and long life! A resistance that lasts a long time is a resistance that is used in the right power ranges, and with a liquid that is suitable for this power range.