E-Liquid Cigarettes

To know what watt to set your electronic cigarette, it is important to first know its mode of operation. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a device used to produce vapour by gently heating a resistance surrounded by cotton without any combustion and then vaporizing the flavoured liquid called e-liquid. To consume this liquid transformed into vapour, it must be inhaled like tobacco smoke from a cigarette. To choose the setting of your electronic cigarette, it may be interesting to understand what a resistance value in ohm is, and more precisely to better understand ohm’s law.  

If at the beginning of the vape, vapers spoke more in terms of volt adjustment, today it is very easy to find the best wattage for your electronic cigarette. Indeed the mods and box, now equipped with a screen and secure software, allow the handling of the material of vape without great difficulty. But for that some knowledge is necessary, and we are here to help you, and lift the veil on the watt setting of your e-cigarette.    

First of all, let’s see the different components of your electronic cigarette, so you can better understand the following concerning the best wattage of your e-cigarette according to its resistance. Thus, you will never again ask yourself the question “But, how many watts for my resistance in 0.15 ohm?!” 

Description of an electronic cigarette and its components

The electronic cigarette is generally composed of three main parts, which are:

  • The battery, which is the part producing the current to heat the resistor soaked in liquid. It has a main button called ” switch “, or “power” button, which triggers the current supplied to the resistance when pressure is exerted on it. 
  • The clearomizer or atomizer: the “reservoir” part where the resistance is housed, as well as the liquid. A central chimney directs the steam from the resistance to the drip tip to allow inhalation.    
  • The resistance: this is the part that will transform the e-liquid into vapour. It is made up of a resistive wire that will heat, and cotton that will soak up the liquid. 

These components of the electronic cigarette, as well as their roles, are all important to ensure its proper functioning.

How a resistor works

The resistance is the most important part that constitutes the electronic cigarette. Its main role is to turn e-liquid into vapour. It is made up of two different elements: the first is the resistive wire of the kanthal, nickel, stainless steel or even titanium type presented in the form of a wire or metal strip (mesh). The second is cotton fibre in the form of a wick. The mode of operation of this resistor is simple. The e-liquid will simply soak the cotton part of the resistance. Then, by pressing the main button of the battery, the latter will produce a current that gently heats the resistive wire surrounded by cotton, and therefore liquid. The e-liquid will therefore vaporize, cross the chimney to the drip tip, and it can then be inhaled.  

The main modes of operation of an e-cigarette:

If Ohm’s law, U (voltage in Volt ) = R (resistance in Ohm ) x I (current in Ampere), is intrinsically linked to the use of an electronic cigarette, you will however not need the know by heart (excluding the use of a fully mechanical mod). Indeed, the electronic boxes are all now equipped with security. But it should still be kept in mind that most resistors are designed to operate between 3.7 to 4.2 Volts. This implies that the setting of the e-cigarette must not exceed this figure. 

There are 3 main operating modes of the e-cigarette:  

Variation in power/wattage (VW):

The objective is very simple, it is to vary the output power of the electronic mod. You will then have to adjust the wattage of your e-cigarette using the + and – buttons. By adjusting the wattage of your electronic cigarette, according to the indications engraved on the resistance, the voltage adjustment will be done automatically.

Temperature control (TC):

The vape temperature control process is simple, but only concerns certain types of resistive wires: Ni, Ti and SS. It will then suffice to adjust the heating temperature of the wire constituting the resistance. This temperature can be between 100 and 315°C. 

Semi-regulated mechanical mode or Bypass:

This one is rather reserved for more experienced vapers. By simulating the operation of a mechanical mod, this mode is protected to prevent any discharge of the battery. In Bypass mode, it is the battery that directly delivers the current without restriction (4.2 V when fully charged, and 3.7 V when discharged). The power thus supplied is determined by the value of the resistance, as well as by the type of battery chosen.  

But fortunately, electronic cigarette manufacturers are nice! 😉 You should know that the range of use in watts of the resistor is, in the vast majority of cases, indicated on it. It is very strongly recommended to follow this range of power values, indicated on the resistor. This will allow you to easily use your e-cigarette with ease. 

Small note: the resistance of the clearomizer lasts about two to three weeks. Nevertheless, this duration can vary more or less depending on the use and the type of e-liquid used. By setting the wattage too much above the recommended range of use, you reduce this lifespan. 

What adjustment in watts according to the value of my resistance in ohm:

Before determining the power of the electronic cigarette, it is important to know the value of its resistance in ohm. Indeed, the power must always adapt to the value of the resistance of the clearomizer. To do this, you just have to see on the resistance or the display screen of the electronic box the value of the resistance which is expressed in Ohm (‎Ω). This value can vary between 0.1 and 2.5 ohms. The value of the resistance will undeniably affect the type of vape in direct or direct inhaling. For its part, the voltage in volts adapts to the indicated/chosen power.  

Once the value of the resistance is known, it is then possible to determine the power setting of the electronic cigarette. For resistance:

  • Greater than 1.5 ohms: power less than 10 Watts
  • 1 ohm – 1.5 ohm: 9 to 15 watts
  • 0.5 ohm – 1 ohm: 20 to 35 watts
  • 0.3 – 0.5 ohm: 20 to 60 watts
  • 0.15 – 0.3 ohm: 20 to 100 watts

These are indicative values, it will always be more advisable to follow the power range in watts indicated on the resistance.

Knowing the right settings for your electronic cigarette is very useful, and will save you some problems (like the burnt taste). It will then suffice to know the value of its resistance, and to follow the recommended power range in watts. However, the choice of resistance should not be trivial, it is essential to always opt for a model that adapts to the electronic cigarette. To do this, find the name of the model of your clearomiser and look for it on our online site! You can then find the resistance model you need.