E-Liquid Cigarettes

There is often a race for tasty e-liquid flavors and their quantity among the newcomer vapers. Everyone understands how expensive premium juice juice brands are, and not all self-mixes please both concerning such matter as taste and vapor. Today you will learn all the secrets of making delicious premium free vape juice at home.

It is desirable to buy flavors directly from manufacturers. In order to get money’s worth concerning taste of cheap premium vape juice and save money, you should order samplers of 1ml for the beginning from the same sellers. So you will find out what flavors for the best e-liquid flavor is worth buying in America or Europe, to get a quality self-dressing of premium liquids by the vape flavors diy method.

You can agree, every vaper, whether a beginner or a professional, has a whole nightstand filled with empty bottles. Usually it is 10 ml. plastic bottless, a few – 25 and 50 milligrams or even bottles of e-liquid 120ml. But this is not enough for us, and for our convenience, it is best to buy glass bottles, flasks and pipettes in chemical shops, or at auctions on the Internet.

The first step is to make the workpiece in the form of a ready-made database. For this, it is necessary to mix propylene glycol (PG) with glycerol (VG), the optimal ratio is 1: 2, and that is, we will have a ready base of 75VG. It is desirable to immediately prepare the maximum quantity of our mixing without e-liquid nicotine.

Should we dissolve self-mixes of premium liquids? The answer is – it is MANDATORY! In the process of cooking, try only the prepared liquid, and after a week and two weeks of dissolving, remember and compare the taste, you will understand everything.