E-Liquid Cigarettes

Innokin EQS Pod Vape Kit is a nicotine consumption system in pod format. Innokin products have always been in demand in the community of lovers of vapor, because they are distinguished by high quality workmanship, interesting, sometimes unusual innovative solutions, which often become a trend.

Innokin EQS Pod Vape Kit is aimed at the users, trying to quit smoking, switching to alternative methods of saturation with nicotine. It can be used both by supporters of liquids on salt nicotine, and in the environment of those who prefer liquids on ordinary nicotine of high concentration.

Innokin EQS Pod Vape Kit Specifications:

size: 83.5 x 36.6 x 16.6 mm;
power: 11.5 – 15.5 watts;
battery capacity: 800 mAh;
output current: 5.5 amperes;
range of supported resistance: 0.3 – 1 Ohm;
pod capacity: 2 ml;
resistance: 0.48 ohm.

The description of Innokin EQS Pod Vape Kit.

The battery case is made of zinc alloy, can be painted in white, black, gray, red, green or lilac. The upper and lower sides are decorated with a golden border, which gives the body an elegant and expensive look. The shape of the battery case is closer to the trapezoid, turned upside down. Facets – strongly rounded.

The main side is equipped with a round black multi-function control button. Below it is an indicator that displays in different colors the remaining battery charge: red – low, yellow – medium, green – high. It also displays the degree of capacity gain during charging.

At the bottom of the main side there is a window in the shape of an inverted triangle, under which the indicator LED is also hidden. Displays the selected output power in different colors.

The right side of the battery case contains the micro USB cable connection port, with which the built-in battery is charged. It is capable of transmitting a current of 5 V 0.5 Amps, which will allow you to fully charge the battery in 1.5-2 hours.

Innokin EQS Pod Vape Kit is available in our online shop at the most moderate prices that can even be considered as discounts.