E-Liquid Cigarettes


Whenever it is possible, specialists like to recommend e-cigarette companies that market refill liquids manufactured in the United States. It is not a secret that generally, e-cigarette companies fill their cartridges with liquid made in China.

Although the Chinese are truly the innovators of the e-cigarette, smokers usually find that American-made liquids taste better, generate more vapor and contain less chemical substances. Starfire Cigs refill cartridges come in Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Apple, Watermelon and Peach flavors. A new Turkish Tobacco flavor will also be launched soon for admirers of Camel and other Turkish blends. The cartridges taste good, generate a high volume of vapor and are priced lower than what many competitors charge.

The Starfire Cigs auto-ship option can also be an excellent approach to money saving on your e-cigarette refills; other companies tend to charge you a couple of dollars for shipping each time you submit an order. If you select to have cartridges shipped regularly, you don’t have to pay extra shipping fees when you buy e-cigarette cartridges from Starfire Cigs.

E liquids are the modern method to enjoy nicotine without the hazardous effects of tobacco smoke. The e cigarette heats up on use and the heat turns the e-liquid into vapour which the user inhales. Because vapour instead of tobacco smoke is produced, users of electronic cigarettes are known as vapers rather than smokers.

If the customer complains about the vape being too intensive, order e-liquid with more VG. If any customer wants a harsher smoke, then put an extra level of PG. Many vendors are more than happy to modify the e-juices personalized desired ratios of PG and/or VG.