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Vapor Couture updated for 2015

We’ve always had a presentiment that there are more female e-smokers than male ones. This a confirmed fact that V2 Cigs — the world’s leading e-cigarette company by traffic volume — recently reported when it stated that the majority of its clients are women.

Despite the large number of female e-smokers, nevertheless, no company has really undertaken any steps to elaborate an e-cigarette for women. The situation has dramatically changed now with the release of the V2 Cigs Vapor Couture line. We had already ranked V2 Cigs the best e-cigarette for beginners, so it was evidently quite interesting to hear about this new product. How does it appear?

Vapor Couture is the only products line of e-cigarette created namely for women. This special line of vapor cigarette combines the technology of V2 Cigs with intelligent designs and fancy accessories. The unique flavor cartridges can be customized to mix and match with any of jewel-tipped, rechargeable e-cig batteries. This is very convenient.

Vapor Couture is the latest brand to be launched by VMR Products. VMR distributes and supports its two brands, V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic.

Where many electronic cigarette companies obtain their products from foreign suppliers overseas, VMR plays a significant role in manufacture, design, management and support. VMR Products work hard to bring standardization and better regulation to the e-cig marketplace; the company builds a future wherein safety and top-quality products are the primary standard.