E-Liquid Cigarettes

About the Skycig E-Cigarette

The Skycig e-cigarette uses the cigarette-sized L88 battery and atomized refill cartridges or “cartomizers.

One major similarity we’ve noticed between SkyCig and Green Smoke is their packaging – they both are in a metallic container with the lid held on with magnetic flaps, but SkyCig’s box is smaller in size by comparison. When you order this product, you receive the following with the purchase:

One wall and one USB charger
Two rechargeable batteries
 A variety of cartomizers
A smaller ‘cigarette-like’ casing

One thing we certainly liked was the cigarette-like casing – something never included with Green Smoke purchase. This casing was intended to make your e-cigarette accessories portable, as well as to charge your e-cigarettes. The case consists of both a USB port and a wall-charging port, and is quite an attractive representation of an ordinary cigarette case. The flexibility with the ports enables the user to charge the batteries without difficulty, whether sitting at a PC, a Mac, or anywhere next to a plug socket.

This means that the cig can be charged almost any time during the day, and should mean it never runs out. The unforgettable e-smoking process is guaranteed!