E-Liquid Cigarettes

The main advantage of e-liquids for vape devices is that, when evaporated, unlike tobacco smoke, it does not form soot, tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, hydrogen cyanide and other harmful substances that can extremely negatively affect the smoker’s body. At the same time, owing to a special flavored composition, the liquid for electronic devices gives the beloved smell and taste of the best-known cigarettes as well as the aromas that no cigarettes can imitate. To be sincere, you can try more than one hundred different flavors.

Do you love sweets? Try a chocolate or vanilla flavored vape liquid, having once bought it for your e-device via vape marketplace. Can you live without coffee? If not, no problem. There is a special refill for vape tools with a similar taste that will allow you to enjoy the aroma of your favorite hot drink anywhere and anytime. Do you prefer exotic fruit? In this case, we recommend Joyetech or SafeSmoking e-liquid with the taste of pineapple v4pour, kiwi, cola, watermelon, menthol and many others, which are available via vape marketplace.

Your e-liquid for refilling your vaping cigarettes consists of the classic version of propylene glycol, glycerin, distilled water and flavors. Nicotine is contained in different concentrations, depending on the strength. In the strongest e-liquid, a milliliter accounts for up to 24 milligrams of nicotine – this is a super strong liquid. There are other more benign concentrations – 16 mg to ml (strong), 11 mg to ml (light), 6 mg to ml (super light) and, finally, 0 mg to ml (non-nicotine). This gradation is not created by chance. Gradually, you can reduce the level of nicotine, which enters the body when smoking a vape cigarette. And then completely quit it, enjoying the aromatic vapor of liquid for vaping cigarettes without any nicotine additives.