E-Liquid Cigarettes

IQOS HEETS Green sticks for the IQOS tobacco heated system are accessible on our online shop.

IQOS HEETS Green heated sticks have a rich and cooling menthol taste that is fueled by new citrus fragrance and aromas of herbs.

The cross breed cigarette is by all accounts an advantageous option in contrast to the customary cigarette. In any case, is that valid? Noteworthy weaknesses of this cigarette by Philip Morris depend from one viewpoint in the handiness: IQOS is bigger and heavier than the customary tobacco items. This can without much of a stretch become a troublesome factor – at any rate toward the start of the use stage. What’s more, IQOS is less reasonable for smokers who incline toward light items because of its nicotine content. In spite of the fact that the flavor of IQOS HEETS Green heated sticks is very like that of light cigarettes.

What’s more, clients need the HeatSticks for use. These sticks cost around five euros and are accessible as 20-packs. The acquisition of these items is like the typical cigarette buy. By the by, the cost can demonstrate to be a burden. Since IQOS isn’t a cigarette substitute that can set aside cash. On the off chance that you are searching for an electronic hookah, you will discover it here. At long last, the haptic is not the slightest bit tantamount to that of a genuine cigarette. Rather, IQOS HEETS Green warming sticks are progressively likened to a customary e-cigarette. The rest thing is to know where you request them.

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