E-Liquid Cigarettes

What is IQOS and why do the Heets Green Canada offers capture? Heets Green sticks have a fresh aroma, something what is similar to a menthol taste. We promote our Heets Green Canada offers toward the admirers of this taste.

Manufacturer Philip Morris designed an advanced electronic device with this name, the abbreviation for which stands for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking”. The tobacco product is also called heat stick and has the shape of a pen. Shortened filter cigarettes can be placed in this. These special cigarettes contain tobacco leaves, also called cast-leaf, which are folded and then pressed firmly. In addition, smoke and ash are released during combustion and only vapor when heated, while retaining the characteristic taste of tobacco.

The device works electronically, but also contains tobacco, which is why the heat stick is in the middle of a regular cigarette and an e-cigarette. In our online shop, you will find Heets green Canada offer of the new tobacco heating system and associated accessories.

If you want to use the heatstick, place a tobacco stick into the holder. You do this with the tobacco side down and up to the indication line that is attached to the holder. The tobacco sticks contain a mixture of tobacco, nicotine, glycerin and flavorings, which releases a vapor when it is heated. Once the stick has been placed, you can turn on the device, triggering an electronically controlled heater. When the indicator light is no longer blinking, but is lit continuously, the HeatStick is ready for use. A special system ensures that the tobacco cannot burn and that the temperature remains the same to guarantee a constant taste experience. In addition, the device switches itself off in the event of overheating. The stick stays warm for 6 minutes or 14 inhalations, whichever comes first. Tobacco sticks are suitable for single use and after use you can remove them by sliding a cap upwards. The device can then be placed in the charger. Make sure that the contact point faces downwards and that the circuit points to the opening button of the flap of the charger.