E-Liquid Cigarettes

E-Cigarette Tip 2 - Don’t Overfill

It does not actually matter what you use – an e-cigarette with an atomizer or cartomizer, the engine that vaporizes the liquid is in the main the same; it includes a metal heating coil wrapped around a wick.

The wick accumulates liquid and brings it into contact with the coil. The heat caused by this process leads to the wick to pull more liquid from the reservoir or tank.

However, if the wick is already full, adding more liquid won’t cause it to produce more vapor. Factually, it may produce fewer vapors because the extra liquid drops below the wick and begins to block the bottom hole of the atomizer or cartomizer, limiting airstream.

If you hear a hollow bubbling noise when you puff on your e-cigarette, it indicates that you’ve introduced too much liquid.