E-Liquid Cigarettes

Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarettes use

The first disadvantage of E-cigarette use is their cost. To start smoking tobacco cigarettes, requires a small cost per pack of cigarettes and a lighter. So the cost of traditional smoking “start” is very low.

In the case of the electronic cigarettes, you will need much more “initial investment”. Depending on the characteristics and quality of the selected devices, such amount may be comparable to monthly, or even a three-month cost of traditional smoking.

In most cases, try E-cigarettes and spending a little money is difficult, because very cheap devices typically have low technical characteristics and quality, which can cause frustration to electronic cigarettes. Besides the novice user which is not prepared for a technical point of view, it is difficult to distinguish a quality device from ordinary junk, even at considerable cost of the different options.

For the first time, the novice user of electronic cigarettes can use them more often and last longer than regular cigarettes. Respectively, it is possible the consumption of larger amounts of nicotine. This is the second disadvantage of the electronic cigarette use.

Typically, over time it passes. But you mustn’t forget about self-discipline.
A third disadvantage of the electronic cigarette use, is a need for additional time and effort for their service. Tobacco cigarette you smoked and threw it away, but any electronic cigarette regardless of its technical perfection and complexity requires maintenance.

Any electronic cigarette you must refill with special liquids, charge the battery and other parts. Also, even non-performing and semi-performing Clearomizer/Atomizers is advisable to periodically wash, burn wicks and spirals. Serviced devices must be periodically changed.

And fourth disadvantage of the electronic cigarette – it can become a real passion. For many vapers (users of electronic cigarettes) the belonging to this community (of those who vape) becomes self-valuable. They are sitting on specialized forums not to get new information, but just for participation. Electronic cigarettes can become an obsession. While being obsessed with electronic cigarettes, often there is a constant desire to purchase more and more new devices. Not because you need them, but simply to supplement the “collection” and the unbridled desire to try something new.