E-Liquid Cigarettes

NJOY King Disposable E-Cigarette

NJOY King Disposable E-Cigarette is another novelty in the e-smoking world.

After a massive media campaign in 2012, NJOY launched the King disposable e-cigarette in early 2013 to mixed reviews.

On one hand, the King embodied exactly as people hoped; it was soft at the tip, light enough to hang from the lips and had pleasant flavor. On the other hand, its liquid capacity was remarkably lower than that of other disposable e-cigarettes and its price was nearly the same.

Companies such as Krave and White Cloud, listed above did not hang behind and quickly released similar designs at much lower price rates.
If you’re intended to use disposable e-cigarettes and happen not to like the other offerings listed, you might take the NJOY King into consideration. Enjoy thick, full-bodied vapor clouds that satisfy both your desire for nicotine and your craving for a deliciously unique taste sensation.

Because it is fully disposable, you simply enjoy this e-cig until it stops generating vapor and throw it away. That’s simple it is! No time wasted! No worries! Just a pure electronic smoking!

However, an experienced smoker knows that the high price points a real deal breaker. It can spoil the whole good impression and change e-smoking habit.