E-Liquid Cigarettes

Which E-cigarette and which e-liquid to choose for a good start?

If you are a regular smoker, don’t expect to be able to go without nicotine right away. It generally takes a little time to adapt before eliminating any habituation to the product. Nicotine e levels are listed on e-liquid labels in mg/ml. From 0 to 20 mg/ml per vial (often in increments of 0, 3, 6, 12, 16 mg/ml). To give you an idea, it is estimated that a single cigarette contains between 6 and 17 mg of nicotine.

A vial of e-liquid of 10 usually lasts several days. Choose an e-liquid with a rather high nicotine content if you smoke a lot. Without exceeding 12mg/ml the first time get used to the product gently. Conversely, choose a lower rate of nicotine if you are only an occasional smoker or non-smoker.

Why is there a skull on my vial of e-liquid?

So yes, at first glance and even if you are an inveterate fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, we know that the symbol of the skull does not bode well. Its presence on the vials of e-liquid may surprise but the explanation is quite simple. This pictogram is imposed on manufacturers of electronic cigarettes by French legislation. It is justified by the presence of nicotine in e-liquids.

Why do I sometimes squirt e-liquid when I vape?

This is often due to poor cleaning of the equipment. Do not hesitate to bring a paper towel to clean the thread of the battery. Or to “sweep” the chimney of the clearomiser by twisting the paper and passing it through the drip tip. For information, the drip tip is the tip used to vape ). Also, be sure to turn off your e-cigarette equipment after each use.

Also, check that your equipment is waterproof. But also that the joints fit together correctly, that the clearomiser is well screwed to its base, etc. It is also possible that the power settings are too high for the e-liquid you are using. Lower the power of the vape (transcribed in Watt on your machine) to see if this has a positive effect. If the problem does not find a solution, contact the after-sales service. Or ask one of our in-store sales associates. 

Why does my e-cigarette make me cough the first time I use it?

It can sometimes happen that an unpleasant sensation occurs during the first use of your e-cigarette. Two things can explain this phenomenon. Either you are using an e-liquid that is too strong in nicotine, or you are using your equipment at too high a power.

Indeed, nicotine produces a throat effect quite similar to cigarette smoke. Some e-cigarette users seek this slight tingling sensation. Why? To simulate tobacco consumption. To do better without it, for example. This feeling in the throat is called the “ hit ”. Other vapers do not appreciate this feeling and are looking for something softer in the mouth. The latter prefer ready-to-vape e  liquids with a low nicotine content or even without.

Do we know exactly what a vial of e-liquid contains?

The components of e-liquids have already been known for a long time. Often used in the pharmaceutical or food industry, they all appear on the label of your e-liquid vial. A vaping liquid  consists of:

  1. Vegetable Glycerin. It is mainly used to produce steam. It is a viscous liquid with a texture close to liquid glucose but very low in calories. It is used to give a sweet taste to the steam.
  2. Propylene glycol. It is he who will promote the feeling of ”  hit  “. Either the contraction of the throat as the steam passes, simulating the sensation of smoking.
  3. Possibly nicotine.  Not mandatory, nicotine also produces a sensation of a hit. Its level appears in mg/ml. The hit plays in the logic of smoking cessation. Heavy smokers are generally advised to start with liquids with high or medium nicotine levels (12 to 20 mg/ml) before gradually decreasing. For small or non-smokers, it is recommended to take a small rate or even an e-liquid without nicotine (from 0 to 12 mg/ml).
  4. Water is useful to thin everything.
  5. Alcohol in some cases. Usually <5%. It allows for preserving and fluidifying the aromas present in the vaping liquid.
  6. Food flavourings.  There for the pleasure of the nose and taste buds. The aromas will play an important role in your vaping pleasure. There are plenty of them to discover.

What is the harmfulness of the practice of the vape compared to that of a classic cigarette?

It’s subject to controversy but, to put it simply, many current studies agree that the practice of electronic cigarettes, within the limits of normal use, is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco

When you vape, there is no combustion but the production of vapour caused by a heated e-liquid. Vaping liquid that is not a tobacco product. This mode of inhalation exposes you to a much lower quantity of carcinogens. No tar, benzene, arsenic, carbon monoxide or significant fine particles. Result: less risk to your health.

However, a lack of hindsight as to the long-term effects on the human organism is indeed possible. We are not scientists and we are not going to advance further on the subject. We simply note that the scientific community is still working on the e-cigarette, without however denying its potential effectiveness in terms of reducing tobacco consumption and the short-term benefits compared to regular consumption of conventional cigarettes.