E-Liquid Cigarettes

The short story of the concentrated flavour for e-liquid

The concentrated aroma of the electronic cigarette industry comes directly from the food industry. Many flavourists have diversified their activity, some going so far as to abandon the food industry.

The concentrated aroma for DIY, therefore, benefits from the standards and qualities linked to the food industry.

However, vaping is not eating: the action of molecules can be very different in the respiratory tract. This is also why so many studies are conducted on electronic cigarettes.

The Diacetyl case:

It is difficult to imagine a better example as it has been publicized and exploited. Diacetyl is a buttery-tasting molecule often used by the food industry. If its ingestion does not pose any problem, its inhalation via vaporizer damage the lungs. 

On September 1, 2014, the Oxford Academy published an evaluation of electronic cigarette liquids and aerosol for the presence of certain toxins by inhalation, in particular concerning diacetyl.

This study, conducted in particular by Doctor Farsalinos, covers 159 samples from 36 manufacturers and 7 countries, 118 of which showed traces of diacetyl, 75 of which were above the safety limits.

A concentrated flavour for e-liquid is an assembly of molecules with specific taste properties, diluted in propylene glycol.

Molecules used to prepare aromas are sometimes available in isolation. We offer a selection allowing you to make your e-liquids with even more finesse in dosage.

Some vaping flavours are available in solid form. The case is extremely rare but interesting. Lovers of menthol flavours are delighted by the menthol crystals, to be dissolved sparingly.

Some relate to sensations:

  • The koolada gives a touch of freshness, a cold sensation in the mouth and throat. The koolada tends to fade over time, so it should be added at the end of the steep period to take full advantage of it. 
  • The sour brings a tangy effect, close to the sparkling sugar of certain candies. 
  • Acetyl pyrazine adds a smoky flavour to your DIY e-liquids. This additive is very useful for tobacco recipes.
  • The sweetener is the sugar bowl of the vape. A few drops add a sweet note.

Others are flavour enhancers:

  • Vanillin is an excellent flavour enhancer, it brings a slight taste of vanilla in addition.
  • Ethyl maltol is a flavour enhancer that also has a candy floss-type sweetening power.

The notion of the strength of a concentrated aroma for e-liquid is essential for the success of a recipe. Some vaping flavours are very powerful and tend to overwhelm their neighbours. Others, on the contrary, require a high dosage to express themselves in association with strong aromas. 

We advise, during the first purchase and test of a concentrated aroma for DIY, to always use the same dosage, to be able to compare their aromatic power.

How to use an aroma for an electronic cigarette?

The discovery of a new concentrated flavour for e-liquid is always a taste initiation. Several steps are necessary for proper use: 

  • 1st test in mono-flavour: knowing your ingredients is the first step in a successful recipe. Each new aroma must therefore be tasted alone.
  • Smell but do not trust it completely: the taste quality and the smell of an aroma can be very different. 
  • Shake before opening: some aroma components can be heavy and therefore remain at the bottom of the bottle, others on the contrary are very volatile.