E-Liquid Cigarettes

Every year, the vape industry is increasingly popularizing itself with new mods for vapes. A huge selection of different types of mods for vapes is confusing even for a professional vaper, vaping for which has become part of life and opened up a huge wonderful world.

Beginners, who have tried vape and now want to buy good mods for vapes, are especially lost among the variety of e-whitefish and a huge assortment of mods for vapes. You can always turn to the vape bar for the help of a bartender who will tell you what he or she has on the shelves and even be able to advise something. But even in this case, it is not always possible to understand exactly what you need.

We present you several mods for vapes that delight beginners and make them use vape tools further.
The first mods for vapes from this list were released by VoopooTech, which was a breakthrough in the outgoing year. These mods for vapes rushed into the market instantly. Within the shortest period of time, these mods for vapes were purchased by almost every fifth person in the vape community. DRAG was the most successful mod among the whole variety of mods for vapes in 2018. As you can guess from the name of the mod, it got 157 watts of power at its disposal, and almost nobody has surpassed it in functionality yet.
DRAG Mini is the younger brother of the above mod. It was released by the same US manufacturing company VoopooTech. Its board is produced by the same manufacturer as in the classic DRAG`e. However, boxing received less watts due to another model of the board, created specifically for its small size. But this did not prevent the manufacturer from maintaining high functionality. DRAG in the mini version was released recently and is already in demand in the vape industry market.

You can also buy mods for vapes of up to hundreds of watts of power. The following three boxes are rightfully considered the best in this segment:
Asmodus Colossal with 80 Watts in the more expensive segment.
GeekVape Aegis with 100 Watts.
These models of mods for vapes are more versatile and convenient in domestic use.