E-Liquid Cigarettes

Many consumers are not satisfied with the quality, characteristics and e-liquid ingredients of ready mixes. In this case, one can recommend buying components for the self-mix using the vape flavors diy method, thanks to which you will get the desired result. The food glycerine, as well as propylene glycol presented in this section of the catalog, fully meets the quality standards.

There are three ways to get the basis for the best e-liquid flavor concentrate you need:

You buy the base of the free vape juice you will use;
You buy a base of high concentration and zero (base 0mg / ml);
You buy a base of high concentration, propylene glycol and glycerin.

1. In the first case, everything is simple. You already have the basis of the required concentration and you can go to the paragraph – Making mixture.
2. In the second case, you need to decide what will be the mixture of high concentration. This can be either the maximum available – 36 mg / ml, or a mixture with the maximum concentration of those you use personally. For many vapers it is 18mg / ml in very rare cases. We proceed from the fact that you have a set for making cheap premium vape juice, which means that there are bottles in which you will mix e-liquid flavors, and graduated pipettes.

So, we get the base of liquid for refilling e-cigarettes with concentration of e-liquid nicotine 12 mg / ml.
If we have a base of 36mg / ml, we need to reduce the strength threefold, if 18mg / ml – to a third.
In the first variant, we measure with pipette 2 ml of the base 36 mg / ml and pour 6 ml into the bottle. Then add 4ml of the base of 0mg / ml.
In the second variant we measure 4 ml of the basis of 18 mg / ml and 2 ml of the base of 0 mg / ml.