E-Liquid Cigarettes

The  DIY (Do It Yourself)  is an alternative method of consumption which consists in creating your liquid by making substantial savings.

However, be careful, because even if it’s simpler than you think, you shouldn’t mix everything and anything. You will have to follow the basic rules to get a good result.

The advantages of DIY in E-liquid?

  • The price: 10ml of homemade e-liquid costs around €1.00.
  • A large selection of flavours is available.
  • The ability to create endless recipes.
  • The pleasure and satisfaction of having created your liquid.
  • The possibility of developing its recipes.

What do I need to make an E-liquid?

To create your e-liquid, you need 3 main elements.

The basis (PG/VG)

This is the mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that you will use to make your e-liquid.

There are several pre-mixed proportions:

  1.     bases with only propylene glycol (100% PG or Full PG)
  2.     bases with only vegetable glycerin (100% VG or Full VG)
  3.     bases with both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (70%-30% or 50%-50%)

You can also make your proportions according to your preferences by mixing these bases.

You should know that the PG restores the flavours very well and improves the “Hit” in the throat. PG is more liquid than VG.

The VG allows, for its part, to obtain a larger volume of vapour. It irritates the throat less but can clog your atomizer if its proportion is in the majority.

For more convenience and security, we advise you to choose PG/VG bases with a predefined nicotine level.

You can also create your nicotine dosage by mixing DIY bases with a different nicotine levels. 

The aromas

They define the flavour of your preparation.


They are used to balance your recipes, sweeten them or give them a menthol effect. Additives are optional but can bring real added value to your liquids.

The accessories

Once the basic elements are at your disposal, you will need a few accessories that will make it easier for you to create your liquids:

  1.     Empty bottles: 10 or 30 ml bottles are perfect. But you can use larger containers.
  2.     Graduated syringes: You will need to dose the flavours and bases with great precision. We advise you to use 1 ml, 3 ml and 10 ml syringes.
  3.     Protective accessories: gloves and goggles because the contact of nicotine bases with skin and eyes must be avoided.
  4.     Labels to note your recipes, their composition and their date of creation.

Which flavours should I choose for my E-liquid?

 It all depends on your tastes. I like fruity liquids so I take flavours like strawberry, apple, cherry, etc…

However, when you start, we advise you to use 1 or 2 aromas at most, to familiarize yourself with the procedures. 

How to dose the aromas?

Each aroma is different. Some, like coffee, are more potent, so use them in smaller amounts.

The manufacturers indicate the proportions to be used for each aroma. Use these numbers to get started. If you find that your liquid lacks taste nothing prevents you from adding a few drops during the next test.

Aromas are measured in drops or ml. For more precision, we advise you to dose your flavours in ml (hence the importance of 1 ml syringes). For info, in general, 1 ml = 30 drops.

Generally, the proportions of PG/VG, bases and additives are as follows:

– Base: approximately 85%

– Flavourings: between 10 and 15%

– Additives: approximately 2% (optional)

Once your mixture is ready, it is important to shake your bottle vigorously to mix the aromas with the base.

How long before I can vape my E-liquid?

Once your juice is prepared, you will have to wait a few days to allow the aromas to diffuse well in the base, this is called steeper its juice.

– For tobacco liquids: 1 week

– For fruity liquids: 3-4 days

– For gourmet liquids: 1 week

– For fresh liquids: 1-2 days

For best results, the idea is to shake the vial a little each day.

Congratulations, you have just created your first e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

A multitude of low-cost possibilities is now available to you.

Dare to mix and discover new flavours.