E-Liquid Cigarettes

When you start in the vape, you start to encounter new expressions and new words that often seem far too technical. Have you ever heard of the abbreviations DL and MTL associated with clearomizers? These refer to 2 ways of vaping, which are called direct inhaling and indirect inhaling. 

We will try to explain the differences between these two draw methods so that you can find the one that is best suited to your vape.

Indirect inhalation for a smooth vape

Indirect inhalation, also called MTL (Mouth To Lung), indicates that you inhale the vapour from your e-cigarette in 2 stages: first towards the mouth and then towards the lungs.

When you start an electronic cigarette and you are a former smoker, this is the mode of inhalation recommended for a better transition to the e-cigarette. Indeed, a traditional cigarette gently filters the smoke and allows this smoke to remain in the mouth for a few moments. Secondly, smokers pass the smoke through the lungs. This type of draw is therefore also possible with indirect inhalation on an electronic cigarette. Vaping in indirect inhaling, therefore, allows you to have a slight resistance on the draw as on a classic cigarette.

To vape in indirect inhaling, you need suitable equipment for vaping:

  • A low-power battery: No need to burden yourself with a competitive electronic cigarette battery capable of crashing several hundred watts. When vaping in indirect inhaling, power of 10W to 30W is more than enough. The goal is also to get a lukewarm, not hot vapour that might surprise you when you first start vaping. A small integrated battery (without an external battery) will therefore be perfect.
  • A small clearomizer with a resistance greater than 1 ohm: There is an easy way to spot a clearomizer designed for direct or indirect inhalation. Just look at the type of resistors compatible with the clearomiser. Coils below 1 ohm are designed to operate at high power. Those greater than 1 ohm are made for low power and therefore compatible with low power batteries. To accentuate the resistance effect on the draw, it is advisable to close the airflows (air inlet) or to leave them slightly open on your clearomiser.
  • A drip tip with a long and thin profile: The other advantage of vaping in indirect inhaling is better restitution of the aromas of your e-liquids. A long and thin drip tip on your e-cigarette will create a venturi effect during the passage of the vapour which will accentuate the intensity of the present aroma of your liquid.

Direct inhalation for vapour fans

Direct Inhaling, also known as DL (short for Direct Lung), involves drawing the vapour from your e-cigarette directly into your lungs. Unlike indirect inhalation, there is, therefore, no stage of preservation of the vapour in the mouth.

This type of inhalation is completely different from the draw on a classic cigarette. Therefore, it is not suitable for beginner vapers who need a transition period. This type of inhalation is mainly reserved for experienced vapers using an electronic cigarette for heavy smokers.

The main interest of direct inhalation is to be able to generate a very large quantity of hot vapour when inhaling and exhaling. We speak in particular of “cloud chasing” and “power vaping” when a vaper chooses this method of drawing. Here we favour steam over the flavour of e-liquids.

To vape in direct inhalation, you need suitable equipment:

  • A battery (box/mod) with a large power range, up to more than 200 watts. This type of battery involves the use of rechargeable batteries (batteries) as the power source.
  • A sub-ohm clearomizer: This is a clearomizer whose resistances are less than 1 ohm. This type of coil allows you to vape at very high powers (check beforehand the minimum and maximum value recommended by the manufacturer) without risking burning out your coils. This type of clearomizer generates a lot of vapour, ideal for vaping a direct inhalation. Subohm clearomizers also have airflows with large openings to facilitate the passage of air and prevent any resistance effect when inhaling towards the lungs.
  • A wide and short drip tip: Since the sub-ohm clearomiser generates a lot of vapour, you will need a chimney and a drip tip (mouthpiece) wide enough not to slow down the passage of vapour. The effect sought here is quite the opposite of indirect inhalation. We favour the production of vapour transferred directly to the lungs to the intensity of the aroma of your e-liquid (no maintenance of vapour towards the taste sensors of the mouth). A short drip tip will keep the vapour hot when inhaling.

Whether you are a beginner vaper or an experienced vaper , we advise you to opt for the type of draw and the electronic cigarette that corresponds to your level . The easiest way is to keep in mind that a resistance greater than 1 ohm is made for indirect inhalation and a resistance less than 1 ohm is made for direct inhalation.

Thanks to this tip, you can easily find the vaping equipment that will suit you when buying an electronic cigarette.

We have very little mentioned the choice of your e-liquid base (distribution in GV / MPGV) which can also have an impact on direct and indirect inhalation .