E-Liquid Cigarettes

The chain e-smoker

A chain smoker has constant nicotine needs that can’t be satisfied easily by an e-cigarette. If this concerns you, you already know — you consume more than a pack of cigarettes every day and might have even kept the expenses under control.

You might be the type of smoker who needs the cost savings of e-cigarettes most of all, and you need some serious battery capacity — even the single 650 mAh battery included with the Stems Cigs starter kit isn’t going to cut it. You also need the best quality e-liquid that simulates the strong throat and lung sensation of real tobacco.

For a chain smoker, the Halo Triton is the best one for the best e-cigarette of 2014. This is a kit that consisting of not one, but two 650 mAh batteries as well as two high-vapor e-liquid tanks. As long as you remember to charge one battery while you’re using the other, you can be an absolute chain smoker and you still won’t have concerns of not having your e-cigarette available when you need it.

Halo Cigs is also the only company that produces its own e-liquids. Since the company was released, Halo has consistently been the top rated e-liquid maker in the United States because they comprehend the needs of true tobacco lovers. With not less than 12 tobacco flavors and four menthol flavors, Halo takes its e-liquid seriously.

Mix the Triton e-cigarette with Halo’s e-liquid and you’ll get a product that truly simulates the taste and sensation of real tobacco and satisfies even the most capricious smoker all day long.