E-Liquid Cigarettes

About the SMOK BEC Pro

The BEC Pro has a similar appearance if compared with the ProVari. Like the ProVari, the device uses a single button for control of key features, which are: enabling and disabling Bluetooth and raising and lowering voltage and wattage.

Nevertheless, that’s where all similarities end. You can use the BEC Pro as a mechanical mod and disable variable voltage and wattage fully, or you can choose from a great power range topping out at 12 volts or 50 watts. Although one might not have any interest in testing this functionality, SMOK advertizes that the BEC Pro is suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

Although these functions would warrant a second look at the BEC Pro on their own, these features demonstrate only a part of the device’s potential which you can disclose by drawing an analogy with an iOS or Android device.