E-Liquid Cigarettes

Ready to go with the ProVari

There comes a moment when you are ready to go with this cigarette. It is not difficult. Just hold the button and puff. If the vapor turns out to be dry, pour a bit more e-liquid. If it’s good, you can begin raising the voltage to your necessary level.

When you use the ProVari for the first time and you are not so experienced with it, then we suggest raising the voltage no more than a half volt at a time until you get used to vaping at high power levels. It can really be intensive at first but then you will feel absolutely alright with it.

You’ll need to get used to tapping the button constantly as you make adjustments. The ProVari possesses several commands in addition to the one that raises the voltage. You can also lower the voltage anytime you need. That is why you need to make the following steps: check the battery power and atomizer resistance, turn the buttons’s light off and turn the entire unit off. Every command requires several button presses.

Although this indicates that the ProVari has a beautiful, fancy design with just one button, it also indicates that you’ll be pressing that button many times. The good news is that the ProVari remembers your last voltage setting when you switch batteries, so you won’t need to re-start it constantly. It is a good option and saves much time and nerves.