E-Liquid Cigarettes

It can happen to feel a very unpleasant burning taste when you use your electronic cigarette. Here is the explanation and the solution.

The principle of the electronic cigarette is heat resistance in contact with e-liquid. When you press the button of the e-cigarette, the battery will supply the energy to heat the resistance and the liquid in contact will evaporate.

The resistance of your e-cigarette is wrapped in cotton (or similar material) to prevent leaks. We can not put the resistance in direct contact with the liquid because there would be many leaks. By heating, the resistance does not directly heat the e-liquid but rather the cotton which is soaked in liquid.

The principle is therefore as follows: by putting e-liquid in your tank, it will be in contact with the cotton of your resistance and the cotton will gradually absorb the liquid. For this to work well, the cotton must be well soaked. It is necessary to heat the cotton impregnated with liquid to produce steam. If the cotton is too dry, it will produce a burnt taste, it is the fact of heating the cotton as if you had no liquid.  

The burnt taste comes from there: The cotton of your resistance is not sufficiently impregnated with e-liquid and it “burns” in a way.

Here is the solution in both cases, new resistor or worn resistor:

– If your resistance is new (the first week of use), a burnt taste occurs because the resistance has not been primed. The cotton is not yet soaked in e-liquid. It is, therefore, necessary, at the first use, to pour a few drops of e-liquid directly on the resistance. You will see that there are small holes on the sides of the resistance, and in these holes, you can slightly see the cotton appear. It is therefore necessary to put a few drops of liquid directly on this cotton and wait for a little so that it is impregnated well. Then you have to fill the tank and also wait a few minutes. 

The cotton will then be well soaked in e-liquid and it should work. Once booted, there is no need to do it again. It must be done only at each change of resistance.

  • If your resistance is already a few weeks old: The burnt taste comes from the fact that the cotton is no longer able to absorb the e-liquid. It has aged a bit and no longer imbibes properly. It, therefore, remains dry, it has already overheated and reheating it produces a burnt taste. It is, therefore, necessary to change the resistance with a new one and to make a boot.
  • If you need to change the resistance, here is a guide to finding the resistance of my electronic cigarette.
  • If you are a bit of a handyman and you have a “rebuildable” resistor, you can also simply change the cotton that surrounds the resistor and start over.

Finally, you just have to make sure that the cotton surrounding your resistance is very damp. It is necessary to start its resistance well during the first uses, and to change the resistance after 3 weeks – 1 month if it begins to smell burnt.