E-Liquid Cigarettes

The E-liquid composition

The main and most important difference between e cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes is the lack of carcinogenic tar and other harmful products of combustion, which in tobacco cigarettes are more than 4 000. As a consequence – sparing influence on the smoker’s lungs and health in general, as well as reducing risk of a “passive” smoking.

As a rule, the components of e-liquids can be divided in 4 components

1) Propylene glycol – a colorless slightly viscous liquid, which has a sweet taste and barely noticeable scent, soluble in water. One of the main components, which is present in almost every composition of e-liquids. Propylene glycol is used in the pharmaceuticals manufacture (including for administration) as the base or sanitized component. This component is considered one of the best substitutes for human blood plasma, in a large blood loss it is introduced into the body by droplets. Non-toxic, in most countries is referred to permitted food additives (E1520). Is an excellent disinfecting agent. Among other things, is used in tobacco treatment.

2) Glycerin is an oily, colorless liquid that is soluble in water and can contribute to dehydration (dewatering). Mainly used in confectionery field as an additive E422, which improves the consistency and prevents the chocolate subsidence and also increases the volume of bakery products. Glycerin is suitable in the manufacture of coffee, tea, ginger and other plants extracts.
Glycerin is harmless to the body as by inhalation and when swallowing. However, the presence in the liquid for electronic cigarettes glycerol may result in some side effects – such as dry throat and sore tightening.

3) Nicotine – a medicinal nicotine as much as possible purified, it is added in to e-liquid only because it is the main component in which the smoker feels the need. It is important the method by which nicotine enters in the body, and the composition of accompanying substances. According to the level of saturation of the substance, electronic cigarette is no more dangerous than the nicotine patch or gum. In addition, a person who has passed to electronic smoking can gradually reduce the level of nicotine in the acquired liquid, and sometimes even move to nicotine free compositions.
All liquids for electronic cigarettes can be divided into several groups according to the amount of nicotine contained, as tobacco cigarettes, from super light, light, medium, to strong, from 0mg/nicotine, 6 ml, 12 ml, to 18 ml/nicotine.

4 ) Aromatizers are not required as part of e-liquids, but, however, they make the process of vaping more pleasant both in smell and taste. Most people are misguided thinking that aromatizers contain toxic additives, which can be harmful to health. In fact, for the production of e-liquids are used permitted food aromatizers, of natural origin, or those which contain the chemical compounds found in natural products. These aromatizers before going into production are thoroughly tested, as when heated does not generate toxic and poisonous substances.

When choosing an e-liquid it is worth considering that the composition of each individual producer has its own characteristics. For example, JoyeTech – more viscous, while smoking they felt as stronger and, therefore, the composition is consumed slowly. Aramel offers a very of bright fruit flavors, as uses in the process of manufacturing of e-liquids nicotine MERCK, which itself has a sweet taste. Red Smokers brand has a very unusual taste, because this manufacturer combines in e-juice different flavors, eventually yielding different taste “cocktails”.