E-Liquid Cigarettes

The clearomiser or the atomiser of an e-cigarette is an essential element in the operation of your vaping. Indeed, it is thanks to this small piece that you will be able to determine your favourite style of vaping, the production of vapour and let’s not forget the most important, the transmission of flavours in the mouth. But the problem is that there are several types of e-cigarette atomizers.

Discover the clearomizers with resistance for electronic cigarette 

Let’s start with the simplest, atomizers of the electronic cigarette with resistance. This type of atomizer e-cigarette responds to the name clearomizer. The clearomiser is quite simply a device comprising a transparent tank and a ready-to-use and detachable resistor. Indeed, clearomizers are the easiest atomizers to use (therefore perfectly suited for first-time vapers) because you don’t need to tinker and build your resistance. In addition to its ease of use, one of its many other advantages is its removable nature: a clearomizer can be screwed onto any type of device! Unlike reconstructable, clearomizers use ready-to-use resistors costing between 2 and 5 euros, which must be changed about 3 times a month if not more (this will also depend on the e-liquids that obstruct the resistor).

Now let’s talk about the use of this atomizer in the electronic cigarette. The e-liquid is brought to the resistance through more or less long wicks which soak up the e-liquid. Speaking of which, this e-cigarette atomizer can be refilled in different ways; and for good reason, there are clearomizers with resistance at the top (GS air from joyetech) to obtain a hot vapour in the mouth or with the resistance at the bottom for a more warm/cold rendering, as on the TFV8 from Smoktech for example. Finally, the use of clearomizers implies direct or indirect inhalation. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you more in another article!

A few tips from the editor: 

By pouring the e-liquid into the column of air, you risk drowning the atomizer: the liquid will therefore not be able to vaporize entirely. Conversely, to avoid this feeling of dry hit (unpleasant effect felt in the throat when an atomizer is no longer sufficiently hydrated in e-liquid: the resistance burns without liquid, burning the fibre or the cotton and therefore causing a taste of burnt unpleasant in the mouth), make sure that the wick of the resistance is well impregnated with liquid from the first use.

The reconstructable e-cigarette atomizer scrutinized 

The last category of e-cigarette atomiser: is reconstructable But here again, we have several models to submit to you. But before that, let us introduce you to this atomizer clan. Rebuildables, as their name suggests, are atomizers that you can build yourself. If you are a DIY enthusiast and an expert in the world of vaping, this model is made for you!

When we talk about DIY, we especially want to emphasize the possibility of assembling the resistance of your choice as well as the wick. Choosing this type of e-cigarette atomizer means taking another step in the adventure of vaping. Indeed, this will allow you to rub a little closer to the technical aspect of the vape. In addition, it’s an opportunity to become more and more independent since you can create a combo that will meet all your expectations. Choosing your resistance will allow you to have control over all the factors synonymous with vape comfort: the production of vapour, the power of the vape, and the strength of the flavours in the mouth. Another argument for taking the step towards rebuildables: it’s economical! Indeed, only count the price of a piece of resistive wire and adequate cotton, a few cents in sum. We are far from the budget of clearomisers! As you will have understood, there are many advantages to using renewables. But there again, to what type of renewable to turn? Do not panic, we will present the 3 types to you.


RDAs, Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer in English, are also known as drippers and have the particularity of not having a tank. Thus, it is necessary to regularly put e-liquid on the wick. Despite the lack of practice, this e-cigarette atomizer promises incredible vapour and flavours.


The RTA, Rebuildable Tank Atomizer in English, have a tank, unlike the RDA. However, if it is more practical and economical in terms of liquid consumption, it is more complex to mount.