E-Liquid Cigarettes

Do you have your electronic cigarette leaking? Do not panic! Whether it is a leak at the level of the clearomiser or a rise of e-liquid in the mouth, there is necessarily an explanation for this problem. First, clean your vape to avoid stains and any accidental absorption of nicotine, then read this article!

Why is my electronic cigarette leaking?

A vaper leaking and spreading e-liquid everywhere is not normal, but it’s not uncommon either, much to the chagrin of vapers’ pockets. In the same way, having a rise of e-liquid in the mouth is frankly unpleasant. Why is your e-cigarette leaking? Already, you should know that it does not come from the lower part (tube mod or box mod) but the upper part, in other words from the clearomizer, the pod or the reconstructable atomizer depending on the type of electronic cigarette you have.

Here are the reasons for the leak on a vaper:

  • Clearomizer not attached to the battery
  • Misplaced or damaged seals
  • Spare parts of the clearomizer were badly screwed
  • cracked tank
  • Reservoir overfilled with e-liquid
  • Resistance badly screwed
  • Badly primed or worn resistor
  • Resistance not adapted to the power
  • Airflow remained open
  • PG/VG rate of the e-liquid not suitable for the clearomiser
  • Bad vaping habit

How to avoid leaks with an electronic cigarette?

To have an electronic cigarette without leakage, always make sure to opt for good vape material. Quality gear that will hold up over time! Exit the street vendors and counterfeits, but only in reputable vape shops, like Nicovip. Nevertheless, your new electronic cigarette may leak at some point if you do not maintain it well. Remember to clean it regularly and reassemble each part carefully! If you have any doubts about how to proceed, we have made a guide for you to learn how to properly clean your e-cigarette.

Then check these points to prevent your vape from leaking:

  • The clearomizer is well attached to the battery
  • The seals are in good condition and their place
  • All the spare parts of the clearomizer are well screwed 

  • The e-liquid tank is not broken
  • The tank is not overfilled with e-liquid
  • The resistance is correctly screwed
  • The resistance is not dead (burnt taste) and has been properly primed
  • The value of the resistance (ohm) is adapted to the power delivered by the battery of the e-cig
  • The airflow remained closed when filling the tank
  • The PG/VG rate of the e-liquid is suitable for the model of clearomizer used
  • You are vaping correctly (we will come back to this later!)

As you have understood, it is important to maintain your vaping equipment to prevent any leakage of e-liquid. If the joints of your clearomiser are damaged, your pod is cracked, your resistance is HS, it is sure that you will run in front of the e-liquid leak.

Nevertheless, if all the checkpoints are good and your electronic cigarette continues to leak, go and contact the after-sales service so that we can help you!

How to vape well to avoid leakage

Having vaping equipment in good condition makes it possible to have a vaper that does not leak, but that is not everything. If you put an e-liquid rich in PG in a sub-ohm clearomiser, therefore intended to be used with e-liquid rich in VG, you are going to have surprises! An e-liquid rich in propylene glycol is very fluid and therefore risks causing leaks if you use it with a sub-ohm clearomiser. It’s the same if you make bad settings of the power of your e-cig kit compared to the resistance installed.

But that’s not all! Vaping well also means not inhaling too hard or too quickly. If you pull too hard on your CE, you don’t give the e-liquid time to vaporize, hence the fact that it goes up to your mouth. Vape gently, taking the time to inhale and then leave some time before the next inhale.

What should I do if I have e-liquid that goes back into my mouth?

The ascents of e-liquid in the mouth via the drip tip are unpleasant. No one likes sucking into their e-cig only to find themselves with e-liquid in their mouths!

There are several reasons which can explain this problem of the rise of e-liquid:

  • dirty drip tip
  • Power not adapted to resistance
  • E-liquid present in the fireplace
  • dead resistance
  • Bad vaping habit

Once again, a good cleaning is in order! Then check that your resistance is still good and that you respect its range of use for the power emitted by the battery of your e-cig kit. Do not vape too hard and give your electronic cigarette time to rest between two draws. If condensation forms in your drip tip, use a piece of paper towel to remove it.


If you end up with a little e-liquid in your mouth, don’t worry: it doesn’t matter. Of course, we are only talking about a few small drops, not an entire bottle ingested!

Where to buy an electronic cigarette that does not leak?

In theory, a leaky vape has a problem with misuse. By following our advice, you should no longer have any problems with your e-cigarette leaking, or the e-liquid coming up in your mouth. However, some models of clearomizers are more prone to leakage problems than others, this being due to the position of the airflow at the bottom.