E-Liquid Cigarettes

Your vape is starting to have an unpleasant burnt taste? Do not panic! Whether on a box-type cigarette or a mechanical mod, your resistance has a limited lifespan. An average of 15-20 refills is talked about before changing resistance, although this usually depends on several factors. But in which case of the figure should we change resistance? And how to proceed? Explanations.

The resistors on the boxes

Practical and easy to install, the pre-assembled coils are aimed at first-time vapers as well as vapers looking for simplicity. Resistors for clearomisers can become unusable for several reasons:

  • a used resistance that has had its day: the initial flavours of your e-liquid are denatured and replaced by a taste of burnt cotton. After all, your resistance is not immortal. Its wear depends above all on the way you vape: more or less long puff (heating time of your resistance), the value ratio between the watts of your system and the ohms of your resistance.
  • a very worn coil, near death, can also result in a drop in the volume of vapour produced. We then speak of clogged resistance, and therefore of equipment that becomes ineffective.
  • a worn resistor can also lead to fluid leaks. Over time, the cotton wick loses its absorbency
  • A badly started and badly prepared resistance will cause a “dry hit”: the cotton, not sufficiently soaked, burns and will not vaporize the e-liquid correctly. As a reminder, be sure to soak the cotton well with its resistance and wait 10 to 15 minutes before carrying out the first heating.
  • an overheated resistor, with excessive power, will immediately burn out. This is therefore due to a bad setting, excessive power with a high-value resistance and it is guaranteed dry-hit. So take care to select a coil that will complement the power of your e-cig, and your way of vaping (puff length and type of inhalation desired).

What resistance for my e-liquid?

Many resistors are available on the market. When you start in the vape, it is quite normal to get lost! To find the coil that meets your expectations, take into account the  PG/VG rate of your e-liquid  and follow the instructions below:

  • Full VG: resistance with a very low value, between 0.1 and 0.4 ohms, suitable for direct inhalation and with a power ranging from 20 to 100 watts
  • 20/80: resistance at a very low value, between 0.2 and 0.5 ohms, suitable for direct inhalation and with a power ranging from 20 to 60 watts
  • 50/50: compatible with the greatest number of resistances, favour a resistance with a low average value if you are in direct inhalation, or a high average value if you are in direct inhalation and with a power ranging from 20 to 45 watts
  • 70/30: resistance greater than 0.5 ohms, suitable for indirect inhalation and with a power ranging from 20 to 35 watts
  • 80/20: greater than or equal to 1 ohm, suitable for indirect inhalation and with a power ranging from 9 to 15 watts

Do you have to change resistance when you change e-liquid?

It all depends on the wear of your resistance, the aromatic proximity, and as stated above, the PG/VG rate of your 2 liquids.

Many vapers will not change resistance when they fill their tanks with a new liquid from the same family (classic, fruity, minty, etc.). The taste will be a little hybrid at first, and then the flavour of your new liquid will take over as it goes. Conversely, if you go from a gourmet caramel to a fruity-fresh tangy, you risk vaping a strange mixture. In short, if your new liquid has an aroma unrelated to the previous one, I advise you to change your resistance.

The little tip: bring 2 clearomizers, respectively for 2 families of liquids. For example, a clear dedicated to gourmet e-liquids, and a second dedicated to fruity ones, make it possible to minimize the change of resistance.

How to change the resistance of your electronic cigarette?

Changing the resistance of a box is not scientific. Here are the steps:

  1. Unscrew the clearomiser, taking care to operate a sink or a towel because liquid can flow out during handling
  2. Remove the resistance generally located on the lower part of the clearomisers by also removing the seals.
  3. Clean your tank and seals by rinsing them thoroughly with clean water
  4. Dry the tank and seal with a paper towel or an absorbent cloth. Beware of paper or fabric fibre residue, do not hesitate to blow to evacuate these undesirables.
  5. Once dried and completely sanitized, reassemble the seals and install your new resistance previously soaked in your new liquid
  6. Fill the tank and close your clear by closing the airflow.

A little patience. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before performing your first puff. Your resistance has been replaced and you can vape!

What to do with used resistors?

They must be thrown in the bins dedicated to metals at the recycling centre. A burnt resistance is neither reusable nor repairable: the cotton is encrusted by this burnt taste, and this is irreversible.