E-Liquid Cigarettes

To begin with, you should answer a simple question, because it is precisely based on your needs that you should choose mods for vapes. Fans of hookahs and thick and tasty vapor are perfect for starter kits and ready-made vape sets. And if you are already well versed in the world of vaping and Ohm’s law is not just a set of words for you, then you should look at the more advanced devices from the section of mechanical mods for vapes.
ATTENTION! If you have never smoked cigarettes or hookah and have never touched tobacco, then we basically recommend you to use liquids without nicotine.

Mode of use
The choice of mods for vapes depends on the conditions and how often you plan to use an electronic cigarette. For a secluded enjoyment of the taste and aroma of your favorite liquid, powerful devices equipped with an atomizer with a good taste transfer, for example, drip (RDA) or served tank (RTA, RDTA), are suitable. If you often travel and plan to use vape in public places, you need to make sure the device is compact and autonomous, which will provide a good battery with a large capacity. If vape is an integral part of your life and you do not want to part with it even in the workplace, then ultra-compact and low-power devices will not cause irritation of colleagues and will be a great solution.

Do not immediately buy an expensive and complex device, start your vaping journey with starter kits. A decent device from this category can be purchased at lower prices in our online shop. Such devices are averaged over all parameters, so you should not expect anything supernatural from them, but that’s how you can understand if you need a vape in principle and decide on your preferences (taste, power, usability, autonomy, etc. ) before buying a more advanced device.
They are distributed by our online shop at especially competitive prices. Do not hesitate to contact us and get our price offers of kits and mods for vapes.