E-Liquid Cigarettes

The fast-growing segment of compact and really small electronic evaporators is the vape format of Juul competitors vape devices. These are practically the most budgetary solutions, easy to operate and maintain. Now this niche is rapidly gaining momentum, offering not only ultra-compact “vape flash drives”, but also something much more serious.
The SMOK Nord kit is an advanced version of tJuul competitors vape devices with a trigger button. The built-in battery is 1100 m / Ah, which is extremely large for these types of cigarettes.

Pod-mod with removable Pod-cartridges of 3 ml capacity, a wonderful pocket-sized cigarette delivers from 10 W to 15 W of power, and guarantees a stable and more sensible vaping than before.
These Juul competitors vape devices are equipped with two exclusive vaporizers to choose from. The vaporizer is Nord mesh 0.6 Ohm, and 1.4 Ohm is a conventional coil-shaped vaporizer with a cigarette puff.
One provides an excellent generation of whole puffs of vapor, and the other an unforgettable realistic cigarette puff.
The size of the Nord electronic cigarette is slightly larger than the similar model – Novo, but it has a more comfortable grip and an improved mouthpiece with a mechanical button.
There are no fluid leaks, and the battery indicator carefully informs about a low charge. This is a great vape for everyone. The mouthpiece of the Nord Subsystem is made ergonomically, it feels great in the mouth and does not cause discomfort when vaping.

Joyetech eRoll MAC Simple KIT is a classic system of Juul competitors vape devices with an extremely compact size. eRoll MAC Simple KIT is a lightweight version of Juul competitors vape devices, which does not have a case in the kit, and you can completely do without it. And the rest is compactness, economical fluid consumption and Joyetech quality.
The Joyetech eRoll MAC Simple KIT vaporizer got a very modest size: 9.2 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length, which is very similar to a regular cigarette, while most POD systems are much larger. An interesting feature is that the eRoll MAC Simple KIT is very well balanced in weight, and does not try to fall out of your fingers forward, which adds to the resemblance to cigarettes.