E-Liquid Cigarettes

Did you think about the reasons why you could start using an electronic cigarette? For example, do you like to smoke, but you are worried about your health? An electronic cigarette will allow you to continue to smoke, but do it in a more healthy and stylish way. Or maybe you would like to quit smoking altogether? In this case, the electronic cigarette will support you during the transition period. Smokers say that when trying to quit smoking, it is most difficult to give up precisely the most concrete action that is accompanied by smoking – therefore, such auxiliary aids as chewing gum; plasters, etc. often do not give the desired result. One of the many advantages of an electronic cigarette is that the smoker can continue the action that simulates smoking.

Mix various electronic liquids to achieve your favorite or original top vape flavors. Today we will tell you about several recipes for enjoying vape flavors diy.

There are many different e-liquid flavors, which include very unusual ones. One of them consists of a banana and chocolate caramel. This free vape juice perfectly combines caramel notes and bright and rich banana taste. But do not use it while you are busy or at work. It is best to keep this cheap premium vape juice for a quiet relaxation, to appreciate the sweet delicacy of the aroma.

The recommended mix: 40-60% (to one’s taste) Banana + 40-60% (to ones’s taste) Chocolate caramel

Strawberry electronic liquids tend to be creamy, which is very tasty, of course. However, you can add other e-liquid ingredients, using aroma of an apple that, combined with a strawberry flavor, adds special notes to the flavor. This mix is suitable for all day use, as the strawberry is beautiful in itself, and the apple will give the aroma interesting notes, not to mention its valuable qualities.

The recommended mix: 80-90% Strawberry + 10-20% Apple

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