E-Liquid Cigarettes

E-liquids Jacks Cherry MentholBeing asked how authenticity is ensured in the best e-liquid flavor concentrate, imitating the tobacco aromas, representatives of Borgwaldt stated that their specialists “are studying the nature of high-quality tobacco such as the Virginia variety and the American sack.” Using these results, the company creates e-liquid flavors that “give the consumers of electronic cigarettes the taste of a high-quality tobacco product.”, keeping in mind theĀ E-liquids Jacks Cherry Menthol wholesale prices.

In some cases, the real e-liquid nicotine is added into e-liquids with tobacco flavors. Hertz Flavors prefers not to use natural tobacco extracts in the production of e-liquids. Representatives of the company claim that they have tobacco flavors that provide a more pleasant taste than those that contain tobacco extracts, while using only natural or identical natural (chemically identical plant extracts, but created in the laboratory) ingredients used in the food industry.

Limitations that may be introduced by future regulatory requirements are also one of the factors that influenced the decision of the company. If optimal results can be achieved by using processes that minimize the risk of future problems in connection with legislation, why should they then not choose a non-tobacco option? “Why do we have to use something if we are not at all sure that this will remain in the future?” – asks Dr. Hertz, and this has its own reason, for instance e-liquid wholesale prices.

Nevertheless, many companies believe that using the tobacco will increase the authenticity of cheap premium vape juice. Companies producing e-liquids that place great emphasis on the use of bio- or natural raw materials are also more inclined to ask the developers of aromas to use natural tobacco extracts. The desire to avoid the appearance of the “chemical flavor” in the best e-juice brands that is traditionally associated with e-liquids imported from China may also encourage companies to hold on to the use of natural plant extracts.