E-Liquid Cigarettes

E-liquids DessertThis article is dedicated to all lovers of anime and unsweetened e-liquid flavors. American company – Entourage Vapor, having neglected a superhero theme for a while, released a small series of “Yami Vapor” of three e-liquid brands with severe Japanese characters on labels and bright flavors inside. Obviously, after reading comments from users complaining about the sneakiness of many similar products, the manufacturers solved this issue in a non-trivial way, making a bet not on sweetness, but on the fullness of wholesale e-juice flavors. And, it seems, to work out.

Let’s start with what at the moment caused the most raptures of the Taruto E-liquids Dessert (which in Hong Kong and Macao is known as an egg tart). And no, it’s not with the taste of eggs. The lack of sweets in it is more than compensated by the notes of the custard vanilla cream on the inspiration and the aromatic puff pastry on the exhalation. The thick and rich taste of this liquid has already caused more than a dozen vapers to flee to the store for additives.
Butter Brew

Butter Brew is our favorite taste from this vape juice flavors list. Firstly, vapor is thick, and secondly, we cannot understand the components. Judging only by the name, the guys from Yami Vapor simply decided to complement the refreshing taste with a thick oily note. And if you listen to the enthusiastic testimonials of the Communionists, it seems that the bottles are filled with divine nectar. It’s funny, but everyone describes it in different ways. Someone claims to feel beer taste, someone is standing up for whipped cream (fans of the saga about Harry Potter, obviously, found their legendary creamy beer). In general, try and understand.
Icy Trio

This is the third and last flavor in this “anime” vape juice brands list. It really feels a refreshing “trio” of strawberries, kiwi and lychee berries, supplemented by a cool menthol note. Icy Trio is the sweetest and freshest of all the ingredients listed. The previous two are more like taste for desserts; the same is a real vapor drink. If it is hot, it will be especially to the point.