E-Liquid Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette makes noise.

Some models can be relatively noisy. It may crackle, hiss, gurgle or even vibrate now.

However, this noise, which may worry new vapers, can often prove useful. Indeed, these variations are often synonymous with an inventory. So let’s see what your ears can do for you when you vape!

A normal sound of an electronic cigarette

Of course, not all models make the same noise. By inhaling without triggering your electronic cigarette, you will already have an idea of ​​minimal noise. Be careful, this noise, without vaporization, can vary, for example by turning your air inlet ring (the airflow). We realize that some tanks whistle thanks to this manipulation.

Vaporizing your e-liquid will of course cause additional noise. Completely silent models are rare. It must be taken into account that a clearomizer (reservoir) with a large air inlet will always make more noise than a clearomizer with a tight draw. It’s quite logical. This is the difference between indirect and direct inhalation.

Your suction strength will of course have a direct impact on the noise.

An abnormal noise

How to define it? Fortunately, some are characteristic.

Be careful, as I told you, the transformation of your liquid into vapour makes noise. Very often it will sound like a more or less regular crackling. This noise can surprise a new convert to the vape but it remains normal operation. It should be taken into account that the very first electronic cigarettes (in pen format) had a very small production of vapour, the recent models, therefore, make slightly more noise.

So let’s now see the noises that should warn you of possible trouble.

The well-known “gurgle”

If, when using your electronic cigarette, the noise compares that you make when sucking with a straw in an almost empty glass, you have to stop smoking. Your resistance is certainly drowned, which means too much e-liquid. Generally, by vigorously shaking your electronic cigarette downwards, a few drops should come out of the mouthpiece (the drip tip). You should find a qualitative vape. This gurgling noise often announces a future leak problem. It is therefore important not to continue to suck up and remove this excess e-liquid.

The crackle after your inhalation

If after your inhalation, the crackle continues for a few moments, it is possible that your power setting is slightly too high. You may be burning the cotton of your resistance. There is no longer enough e-liquid to reach your resistance. It will of course be necessary to lower this power (the watts) to prolong the life of your resistors.

If you have no possible settings, do not hesitate in this case to smoke without triggering. This will supply your coil with e-liquid. It is important to inhale enough because it is this action that brings the e-liquid into your resistance. It is not a question of inhaling violently but aspiration from the tip of the lips often generates an unpleasant and unfortunately definitive burnt taste.

The explosion of e-liquid

It happens that during smoking, a noise of mini-explosion occurs. It is a kind of snap and sometimes small projections of e-liquids can occur. But this is not the end. It can be a drop of e-liquid which vaporizes slaps or a resistance that is again too soaked which more or less “boils” your e-liquid hence the projections. Some electronic cigarettes with an airflow located above the tank are more sensitive to this phenomenon. These models generally do not leak but the e-liquid if it is too present cannot be evacuated and accumulates in the resistance.

Again by eliminating this e-liquid, the phenomenon should normally stop.

Getting used to your vaping gear

When you start vaping, all these noises phenomena are more difficult to assimilate. Yet very quickly, these noises allow you to quickly analyse the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette.

I admit that when I find myself in a very noisy environment, I sometimes even feel frustrated at not being able to do this check. But it’s true that this little check very often saves me from burning a resistor or having leakage phenomena, whatever my equipment. I adapt my suction if necessary, I change my power by a few watts, I remove this little drop that is clogging my suction duct, in short, I stay tuned without realizing it.

Take care of your e-cigarette and prevent its failure!