E-Liquid Cigarettes

American red UK eliquidFor some reason we have not irritated our taste buds with you for a long time. There are so many e-liquid brands in the modern market of vaping, which differ in price policy, the complexity of e-liquid flavors and other important parameters, which is sometimes very difficult to choose what you like.

Well, let’s delve into the premium e-juice wholesale. The majority of people is used to doing the so-called vape flavors diy and do not pay attention to liquids from producers at all. But still they are trying to do their best for us, let’s at least occasionally see what is happening in this branch of development. And why not pamper yourself with complex wholesale e-juice flavors, in which several components are revealed at once. This is difficult to do with self-mix.

Today we have a review about American red UK eliquid, these are guys from America, and they started their activity back in 2015, it’s very strange that to this day, as well as the first day of the release of the first lines of liquids, the company’s lineup has only 5 tastes, but in most American online stores the company’s line is present in a large amount, which means that it is in high demand.

Some generalized information about the liquid. Each taste presented is available in a 60 ml bottle with a pipette, very convenient for filling drips to the user. Each liquid contains 39 propylene glycol per 70 glycerin, the possible content of e-liquid nicotine is 0 to 6 mg. Well, we will tell you about the specific tastes of these fluids in other e-liquid reviews. Choosing this liquid, you choose new sensations, new taste tests. This is something new, modern and unexplored!